• IM4U = I am for you! Among other things IM4U contains a description explanation of each of the products. From there a link to that product on the SHOP page

Hi, this is the ABOUT page for CanDo Jack’s site.
The keyword for CanDo Jack is versatility but here are the things that concern us most:

  • The quality of life of life itself on this planet from the largest human to the smallest insect
  • To do what is wise to do about Mass Extinction Six and NTHE (Near Term Human Extinction)
  • The mental, physical, psychological well being of humanity
  • The sales of digital products created by CanDo Jack

I want to tell you some important things but first
I want to index my most recent posts so you know how to get to them by coming back here to pick and click:

Almost everything I publish will be published here on this site butttt sometimes in other places. No matter the language, the genre, the medium, the message what I publish be it post or tome will be available here or here will have a pointer.

Note the space between CanDo and the Jack. I am CanDo (first name) Jack (last name).
I stress this because software and systems and humans being what they are often the CanDo and Jack being separated or not may make a world of difference in how well I ultimately fulfill my mission.

I am a writer. I author books that, because of the digital revolution and my personal revolution, appear in digital media. Hard copy by special arrangement.

More about that after I ensure this page points to some vitals.

Like: you can always email me at CanDoJack@CanDoJack.com

My Twitter location is @CanDoJackCJ. https://twitter.com/CanDoJackCJ . You can verify that by clicking.  You can even follow me. I think someone already is. I keep looking back. I see Nobody. But, my other senses are talking. “So, Anyway” as John Cleese named HIS book, it could be quite a journey because issues willlllll come up there. About who and what follows what and who. But, focus will probably be on the issues related to things erupting or lying … dormant on this site.

I have two books on Amazon’s Kindle now. I think they are great books because I wrote them to be great books.
Here are their links on Amazon.com:

Psycho Paths and Con Trails August, 2010. Nonfiction and supports the line, “truth is stranger than fiction.”

Nine Elevens

And the direct link to my author page on Kindle:
CanDo Jack author page

I may not put up another book on Kindle. At this point my take is all books there not written by upper level, in fame if not prowess, writers, ultimately wind up being given away.  So it seems we, Jeff Bezos, erstwhile programmer, and CanDo Jack, erstwhile programmer have different algorithms. “So, Anyway”, those two astoundingly excitingly informational books can be found here on this site.

“So, Anyway:”

Almost everything I publish will be published here. No matter the language, the genre, the medium, the message.

It will be on the ‘Shop’ page.

Any post hole bloggeries will probably be here. IF they, in anyway imaginable, relate to things published here.

Wait, before running off to the products shopping cart page you can learn a little bit about a novel, which, I think, from any aspect has a special alchemical – alchemy born – element of whimsy AND wisdom.

Nine Elevens is the novel. CanDo Jack is the author. Here is a link to a good description of  Nine Elevens and that link will take you to the product page to buy it on this site.

Now, that reminds be that I began to tell you why I don’t do paper. Well, I almost don’t do paper. They say no job is finished until the paper work is done.

Yes, but, we have  paper and we have paper. We have tree paper. We have hemp paper. We have paper books for the purpose of nostalgic reminiscing, holding a book in the hand to reinforce the memory. I have a dozen books on my phone. One is the 1100 page tome by philosopher Slavoj Zizek. I also have 150 poems on my phone and many of my songs and a plethora of presentations. “So, Anyway”, I am always ready to give a poetry reading, a music performance, annnndddd a presentation … all at the drop of a hat, a paper hat or a cloth hat … or a digital hat. Now, where is my ukulele?

Here is a post I blogged for this site. Why Digital?
Here is an excellent article on this subject of paper or digital: Hemp Paper Tree Paper Digital.

Welcome to my site. I trust your visit is a win-win for you … and me. I see you walking away from my store with an arm load of digital products and my creative side feels rewarded. You will find my music and how to works and self improvement gems rewarding as well.

The links at the top of the page will take you down a trail of my offerings, their descriptions and excerpts and the purchase options. But a few words about some of those.

Especially IM4U!        Translation of that T-shirt blurb: I AM FOR YOU.   I mean that with all my heart and mind. My desire is that you will be a more worthy critter for having foraged here.

The IM4U link will high light a list of description choices on all my creations.

The profile link will tell you more about me. I hope we both will feel better about that.

Off to the top right if you are on something bigger than a phone is  my blog world and post port. A forest awaiting your being lost … and found.

Be well! Be a well!