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Con Trails not Contrails

Psycho Paths and Con Trails is the title of my latest book. I am convinced of this. Your reading my book could not only benefit you but if enough of you either singular of plural, read(s) this book then everyone will benefit. The benefit might be significant. How does “prevent the demise of humanity” sound? No, I am not crazy. I write about crazy.

The book is going live on Kindle August 12. Here are some things to keep in mind about Kindle books.

They are handy to read.
If you do not have a Kindle device you can download free Kindle reading software.
Free software exists for PCs/laptops, for Ipad, for any android device, and others.
I trust you will buy my book and care about it so much you will put a review on Kindle.

Just before I reveal to you the “About the Author” section of the book I want to explain the title of this post. When I uploaded the book, somehow  “Con Trails” became contrails. When I googled the title you would not believe how many hits were there. A book title exactly like the way I erroneously put it already exists.

But it gave me an idea for a great book of fiction so do not be surprised if my next book of fiction looks familiar, title wise.  I will say this. About three years ago I watched the strangest UFO for about fifteen minutes over the Estero Bay of Central California. A huge ball of fire that turned into a dot dash dot contrail and then a pure contrail and then made a bee line for San Francisco.

About the Book
ISBN, Structure, Format, Punction, References
ISBN-10        1-893359-90-5
ISBN-13        9781893359901
Psycho Paths and Con Trails by CanDoJack via Winward Ways
Structurally, this book’s content is a bit of a sandwich. The top slice is like fire and water in its potential as a constructive tool and its potential as a destructive agent. Most of us do not go about life thinking a great deal about the artifices we use to do the little thinking we actually do. Very few of us are aware of the presence of, much less the danger of, the multitude of paradigms that direct our attitudes and behaviors. Yet we spend our entire lives under control of these agents without even thinking about them.
The bottom slice in the sandwich is an insidious agent more dangerous than any other entity in the ruiniverse. The power to promote your use of selected paradigms. The power to shift your paradigms slightly and nudge meanings and comfort/discomfort elements and in a word alter the control he already has on your life. He is an alien with super powers. He is not an alien from outer space or OMG from a foreign country. He is a surprising percentage of your population.
This surprising percentage of the population yourns to get to the top slice of bread to modify its malefaction through its command of the middle of the sandwich. Oh! that is you, isn’t it? There you are in the middle. You are in big trouble. As the copycat killer said in the flick Copycat, “I’m not going to lie to you. This is going to hurt.” On the other hand if you manage well you might save the world. As we say in the flying world, “It’s Up To You.” But, uhhhh, you do not have much time.
By the way, about the drippings from the sandwich. Some side stories that at first glance may appear to be totally irrelevant are not. The side stories were originally fabrications created for the cause but, then replaced with recollections from the author’s experience. The fabrications may be included in future editions. I have even inserted some very carefully selected poems into places where they can “be of use.”
I may be arrogant. But, still, I honestly think a ruminative digestion of this sandwich by much of the population can make a difference in whether civilization manages to regain enough sanity to choose to continue sanely or self destruct.
One might think the book has pages of sources. It does not. But, it does have many. They validate. They inspire a great deal of additional interesting reading. Many of the sources are internet pages. Some of them may be gone by the time you get to them. If you really want a gone source, use the WayBackMachine and return to July, 2010. (
—be well, be aware—

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