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Analyzing Paradigms

Etymology of the word paradigm is simply para=beside and digm=show, show side by side. In pragmatic use, looser than a formula, tighter than a hypothesis. The paradigm often comes closer to being the thing itself than a model of itself. Paradigms can be like a never ending gradient reaching to define itself. Almost amorphous.

One reason, perhaps, dealing with paradigms rather than actively embracing them takes us back to the ignorance and comfort zone sandwich discussed in Psycho Paths and Con Trails. Succinctly, it is far easier to continue being abused and maneuvered by a paradigm than it is to analyze it, especially if it is significant enough for Super Nero to devote energy to morphing its meaning under the rug you are standing on. So, one often just euphemizes the paradigm as a magic carpet ride, and sets about finding others with whom to joy ride, take paradigm pride and bond to one another … and the paradigm.

… and the paradigm grows. And becomes realer. Like your dreams when they occupied space and mass and density and you could lean against them and rest your coffee cup atop and consider the next step because your dream was so real it was as ¬†though it was already executed. And that dream went somewhere and did something constructive.

But, paradigms can lie quiet and get executed like an automatic rifle in the hands of a sniper only you don’t hear it and you don’t see its produce as you discuss with a friend how everthing is realer and deadlier and more confusing and it is hard to tell the episode from the commercial and the internet article you thought was informational content IS the commercial and someone raves about one of the five forms of yoga as discussed by Depak Chopra in the documentary with that Budha guy and you assume that yoga cognitive pose for a bit but you never read laughter yoga or tried it but you laugh hollowly and embrace it anyway and take pride in it, warm it in your comfort zone, a paradigm notion in your paradigm ocean. And substance crumbles another brick.

The paradigm is more easily seen in fundamentalism especially if you are an outsider but not so easily identified in more abstract religious groups. Analysis begins in both with identifying the code words and word droppings. Then slowly you construct a model of the real thing the paradigm was supposed to be a model of and in the case where the supposed substance is a house of cards, your analysis blows it all away and you play 52 pick up with yourself and you go searching for something tangible like solar power or a windmill.

What can be a scientific tool in Kuhn’s paradigm revolutions and make for discovery, can resolve to a psychopathic tool in the hands of the BIC (Bunch In Control) molding you and your paradigm ever so slightly but steadily to do the will of the Gods Of Power, working for less, with less vigor, less zeal and less concern for doing well, just making it through another day, in the house you thought was yours, or in someone else’s now and you won’t step out of line, will you? Just believe what follows the money.

Whether you pray or bray, if you don’t analyze your moves you are not just a pawn in your own game, you are a pawn in theirs where theirs = BIC. The BIC is primarily the high IQ psychopathic, psychologically alien, masters of the universe. This is not science fiction. This is psychological reality as you will find via Psycho Paths and Con Trails and its multitude of professional references.

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