Psycho Paths and Con Trails

  • psycho psycho
  • paths for psycho paths
  • cons cons
  • trails of cons
  • from the bottom to the top
  • CEO slots are waiting
  • in every industry just pick a ministry
  • Cereal killings bowls full
  • Serial killings by the individual
  • small change for the master changer
  • the tall range lies at the top of his climb
  • tomorrow he will be head of BP
  • no sorrow he feels remorseless and free
  • he has the IQ to do
  • what a clever psychopath can do
  • rise to the top of his target
  • they are legion these masters of the ruiniverse
  • and they control this world you thought was free
  • free for the taking but it is he
  • who is snaking through the grass of the lea
  • that you thought was waving but you could not see
  • those psychos
  • those psychos
  • on the psycho paths down of the ground
  • rising to the top of your Eden
  • and you did not know how could you know
  • how could you see the big pic
  • that bunch in control, the Bic
  • that bunch in control the masters of tricks
  • hold all the cards control all the games
  • maneuver your paradigms
  • that you hold priceless
  • that you hold dear
  • and don’t even know it
  • they know how to
  • make you exult
  • make you fear
  • make you think of a dream an American Dream
  • but what they control is the American scream
  • Did you think all that craziness was just incidental
  • that craving for the sentimental
  • trinkets of your life’s charm bracelet
  • Get a grip think it through
  • cuz psychopaths are
  • coming for you

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