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Dear Michelle Obama

Hi, Michelle

I certainly do not want you and His Self BO and Mr. Kaine all the other peeps at Dem Ctr to think I am not supporting your efforts.

I DO want to remind you all that so far my replies to all of you have carried two message themes. OK, three, and I will mention the third one first.

I have never been a party man. For two reasons. As the sixties decade began to grow a patina of smoggy pale on its time capsule, I realized it was time for change. I asked myself, “Could a man who had actually gone to the polls and voted for Ronald Reagan for governor of California be trusted to ever do anything of value, that demonstrated understanding of the reflection society and specifically politics was beginning to inform US citizens and guests about themselves?” I replied, “YES I CAN.” And I thought I could hear my father giggle in his grave. He who had worshipped FDR as had so many of my father’s generation.

Michelle, I have never voted Republican again.

And, too, I have never listened to another politician speak without analyzing what he said from a number of perspectives, always being on the lookout especially for the trite but troubling trinity of hyperbole, logical fallacy, and balderdash (or as I and some of my immigrant friends and citizen Spanish speaking friends whose families have been here 300 years, and some of my visiting Castillan speaking friends say, “caca ovaca de la vaca Paca”)

So, Michelle, if you will recall, I was saying I have not since Reagan been a party man for two reasons(either party – In most countries I would say ANY party because most countries I have lived in have seven or so viable parties). So, reason one, not a party man because a lot of bad and a little good come from all directions – as you must know, having spent some time around Chicago. Reason two, and leaning toward the Jean Paul Sartre side of meaning in his own quote, “if you label me, you negate me.” Nuff said.

That is message theme one in my replies to Dem Ctr overtures, “buddy, can you spare a fiver?”

Message theme number two, it must be becoming clear now, even among the foggiest, that: the [let me find the most despicable term I can ah yes] STATUS QUO IN HALLOWEEN COSTUME, have money, have money, have money. The wackos have backos who have buckos. The billionaire SUPER NEROS [ a term coined in my book, Psycho Paths and Con Trails] AND,

Michelle, the backos with buckos have cornered the horse apple market because they sprinkle their pasture pastry with horse apples to appear to present a healthy meal. I mean, you would not want Sharon Angle or Christine O’Donnell stumping with pasture pastry and no horse apples, given the ignorance of grammar, like the rule that objects of prepositions must be objective case. Between you and me, that would not be a good angle or a good Christine attitude.

Anyway they have the money. What do they not have? IDEAS! That is what you need. Do not worry about contesting the wacko positions. The only people who think the wacko positions are intelligent are not going to vote for Dems anyway and who would want them to. And THEY WILL SAY THEY DID ANYWAY if you win.

So, Michelle, being at the time severely impecunious, I have been unable to reply to cries for money and fittingly so, for as I said, you need ideas.

So, message theme two, you need ideas and not money.

And here is the third message theme. I have been responding since the first note from you all with ideas.

And here is a replay, more simply put, of the first.

You need to draw for everyone, but, especially for your constituency and potential constituency the big picture.

And here it is:

My book, Psycho Paths and Con Trails, describes the power of the ultra-rich to be, or hire, brilliant psychopaths who are not rapists and serial killers in the traditional sense. They are definitively the masters of the ruiniverse. Being without remorse, guilt, empathy, love, fear, they do not get bogged down with the normal human impediments. They go for control and they go for money. They are “Super Neros.” The book spends several chapters describing how the Super Neros who comprise the bic, bunch in control, have conquered and now control the country.

The bic employs the paradigm addicts to do their dirty work which is to persuade the rest of the paradigm addicts to vote for their kind. Paradigms are, simply put, the ways we do things. They are somewhere between theorems and habits. Those who are not paradigm addicts are those who learned to use paradigms and good ones without using bad ones and letting the bad ones control them.

When you have money you can buy almost anything. Paradigm addicts are cheap.

The bic has spent a century intensifying their ability to learn how to control paradigm addicts. They own communications and communications media. They own industries. Well, the US does not have many because the bic turned the country into a consumer country so our two industries have become consumption and the provision of consumables.

Have you seen the latest fleet of Walmart product delivery ships? You can put 22 forty foot sea containers filled with goods side by side on the main deck in a line hundreds of feet long. The ship can be unloaded in two hours. Fodder for fools, Michelle. Brought to you by the Super Neros of the bic with the help of a nation of paradigm addicts.

WELL THAT IS A MESSAGE THEME . IT IS NOT AN IDEA IT IS THE EXPLANATION OF AN IDEA THAT IS REAL. I never realized when I began the book what I would find in my research. I never dreamed what an incredible picture of my research would be displayed by reality. I wrote the book, Michelle, to help you win the election, to save the country, and to save the world.


The final message theme is what I advised in my first response. But, of course, no one saw it. So, no one could take it seriously. How could they? YOUR BRILLIANT SYSTEM HAS NO ONE TO READ THE REPLIES TO YOUR EMAILS THAT DO NOT CONTAIN MONEY.




Thanks for your note, Michelle. You are a fine and honorable first lady.

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On Tue, Oct 5, 2010 at 9:40 AM, Michelle Obama wrote:
CanDoJack —

I’ve always said that 2008 was an amazing journey. But nothing from that election struck me more than seeing so many giving their time and lending their voices because they were ready for change.

Two years ago, in state after state — no matter where I went — I saw grandmothers out canvassing, college kids traveling to swing states and sleeping on gymnasium floors, and people using their lunch breaks to make a few more calls. So many got involved for the very first time, each one bringing others along with them.

It was inspiring to witness.

Now, Barack and I need you to help show that energy again. Because this is such a critical moment, a group of grassroots donors are ready to match any contribution you can give.

Across the country, teachers and firefighters, truckers and nurses have made pledges of support hoping to inspire you to take the next step. Because of them, a $3 contribution will become $6.

Donate today and answer your fellow supporter’s pledge to match whatever you can give.

Here’s how it works:

— You choose the amount you are able to give and another supporter willing to match that amount doubles it.

— You can choose to write a note to the individual who matched your donation and tell them why you decided to own a piece of this movement.

Since the day Barack announced his plan to run for office, supporters like you have made everything we’ve achieved possible.

That’s as true now as it was on Election Day in 2008.

You’re the reason we reformed a health care system that was broken, progress that means so much to so many. You’re the reason we reined in Wall Street banks that were out of control.

But Barack can’t keep making progress without strong allies in Congress. And now the same people who’ve opposed us at every turn are targeting the folks who voted to make change real. They think we can’t do it again.

But they’re wrong.

If the folks who I saw in 2008 — those of you who packed up your bags and slept on floors and made calls and talked to voters day after day — are ready to stand with us again, then I’m ready for any challenge that lies ahead.

That’s why we’re asking you to help grow this movement once again.

The plan for this election is based on the lessons we learned two years ago. Our organizers and volunteers are knocking on doors every weekend, making calls every night. Your support will help to fund this work.

Another supporter is asking you to join them today — and has pledged to match whatever you can give.

Please donate $3 or more to help grow this movement before November 2nd:

Thank you,

Michelle Obama

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“It ain’t so much the things we don’t know that get us into trouble, it’s the things we do know that just ain’t so.”
–Artemus Ward

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