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Review of Don’t Let Me Go by Catherine Ryan Hyde

The slow read of a good rumination producing novel is not frequent enough. Is it. But that slow read is so valuable as to be priceless, especially when the slow read is Catherine Ryan Hyde and especially when the story is Don’t Let Me Go.

I am re-reviewing this book for several reasons….

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Reading Catherine Ryan Hyde is, for me, a refreshing experience when I have almost fruitlessly plowed through false starts or straight jacketed experiences of sit coms whose value is the reminder that TV is one of the primary ways the corpulate world engineered and conditioned the bathospheric mind set so prevalent and ubiquitous in the world we ‘live’ in.

The slow read of a thought provoking, easily digestible yet rumination producing is not evident enough in society to counter the gimme-gimme paradigm but that slow read is so valuable as to be priceless, especially when the slow read is CRH and especially when the story is Don’t Let Me Go.

So, I lifted the review of the book from the long list of reviews on Catherine’s Amazon page, cleaned up a few things and place it here with the hope that you will, if you missed the book then find it, and/or, if you missed the author, you will pay yourself forward to a wealth of Catherine Ryan Hyde experience. She is not just good. She is prolific.


5.0 out of 5 stars What you can count on, August 1, 2012

Catherine Ryan Hyde fits into a category that is reiterated in many compartments of our lives. Things we want. Things we can count on. Like an author who delivers.

And she does deliver. Delightfully, at the proper pace, she plants a character. The character grows in character. The character encounters other characters. Other characters grow. A growing network. A network of growth.

Characters encounter characters. Characters grow up. Resolve problems. Overcome obstacles. Overcome crises. The reader is feeling better now, engrossed. And then suddenly, it is over. There you go, reader. Get on along, now. Almost unnoticed is the passage of the pages in the joy of the reading as little pieces of characters, situations grow into something more and bubble up in cracks of your mind and by and by form permanent notes in your mental vade mecum that, on reference, prompt thinking, perhaps renewing or reinforcing principles of value and continued improvement and examination of lives worth living.

So it is with Don’t Let Me Go. You see this overweight pre-adolescent sitting on a stoop. No biggie! And suddenly, her complicated little life is all over you. And for some reason you cannot immediately identify, you find yourself vitally involved.

Maybe a long time later a mental note from your vade mecum burgeons, reminding you of the value of a good read, A CRH read.

And maybe one day you see a fat kid sitting on a stoop with an apartment key hanging from a string on her neck.

You smile. You say to yourself, “There in may lie a tale.”

Well, like I said up front about the category of things you can count on: CRH delivers. E.g. Don’t Let Me Go.

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