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I’m Not Coming Back Until You are Gone

The Day the Earth Started Standing Still

Hi, I am a hard working mother, mother nature
How do you like how I have always done Autumns
I feel certain they are the way you like them
good because they need to be that way

and look at you
picking a doctor a day away in Minnesota apples
kicking round those shades of brown loving
the leaving of the leaves of green to linger
until they fall to proper copper and the
leaf artists take their easels to New England
I’m in mind of a tender hearted boy
clearing and piling enough corn stalks
to lie reverently in the waning warmth
of a feebling Faulknerian Mississippi Sun
Didn’t you know I saw you looking into
first fall of snow helter skeltering
your headlighted night vision
in high desert hiway dark
reducing to redolent photos
flakes in your field of
focal length and out the cornea
of your eyes
Imagine some other mother of nature
making moribund more beautiful than that
As I try to get the fox out of my sox and hat
Yep, just being hep to my artsy concept
Hey, I’m Mother Nature
not the legislature
I’m of eerie executive stature this
mother of invention with intention

Just imagine! I know you cannot!
Until they come
But seasons change, don’t they
Until they don’t

Hey I am telling you I’m moribund too
Getting a little gray can’t continue to stay
I get tired lately its harder than it used to be

Pretentious humans say
Don’t say anything bad
I’m not talking to you
Some of you have insight
enough to see in night
you have enough light
to know I’m right
to know I cannot stay
I’m just saying Hey
I have to go away
And, I am not coming back
until you humans are gone

I’m moribund too
And I am a well done blue
I have to defect I’ll resurrect
Winter will be hell here without me
Spring won’t scene with green
like I sprang springs before
some summer’s end the truth will dawn
I’m not coming back until you are gone

You can pray until the day turns black
pray until your faith starts to crack
I am not coming back
UnTil you are gone

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