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The Big Ahh Hah

TheBigAhhHah  (audio – adjust volume before clicking)

The Big Ah-Ha   ---by Jack Mothershed

It can come with the rain
condescending heavenly hygiene
easily detached droplet shells
Who knows?

It can come in out of the blue
maybe a subtle hue
falling down that shaft
between your iris and your brain
that tunnel of light years
just a nanosecond's travel time
before it rolls into your soul

It can come in out of your meditation
and for a moment you
are an entity in a bubble 
before it bursts

Whence it comes does not matter
When it comes, is it matter?
Whatever it is, it starts to scatter
fills your void, a novel nova you
a star burst you
more impressive than an alien kidnapping

You can't call it back
It may never come again
You cannot describe it
You cannot prove it came

You may laugh like a madman
bay like a banshee
You may drown in your own silence
but you will never forget it
and you will never be the same
as you were
before it came

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