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Tim The Transcendental Turkey

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Tim the turkey lived in the wood
Tim was intelligent and understood
More than most of his feathered kind
They just gobbled Tim didn’t mind 
Tim was normally lost in thought
Didn’t behave they said as he ought
Left him alone or treated him rude
Tim appreciated the solitude
“Seems to me that all I need”,
Thought Tim, ” is immunity to greed
Some insects, nuts and seed
Don’t get shot or admit I bleed
Stretch and run for circulation
Mood control and meditation”
And so it was the turkey Tim
From that basic stratagem
Came to be a wiser fowl
Than any critter even owl
If other turkey had the sense
To recognize the evidence
They would know that Tim the turkey
Would not become a turkey jerky
Or find himself in dire strait
Plucked and lying on a plate
Life was good Tim enjoyed
Being always full employed
In musing and in ruminating
And found it all illuminating
Tim became a vagabond
Ever wandering here and yon
“It is marvelous”, Timmy thought,
“Look what Providence has wrought
As I’ve wondered through  the world
Good nature beauty has unfurled
I wander through it gratefully
And marvel at it statefully
I have no problem finding food
And I’m always in good mood”
While musing thusly Tim engrossed
Thought nought about the road he crossed
A sign that country road adorned
That drivers there in yellow warned
Wild turkeys might be ruminating
Crossing roads without waiting
On the vector Timmy took
No sign said, “hey, now  turkey look
You’ll be flattened like a fritter
If you’re not careful, crazy critter”
And Tim quite lost in Gratitude
Abruptly changed his attitude
Unconsciously Tim dreamed a while
Of turkeys who could talk and smile
Unaware a bumper sticker stuck
On bumper of a pickup truck
Said “brakes are broken, skat”
And Tim in back was tied down flat
When Tim came to without a clue
His world was just a tad askew
The pickup driver was elated
He and family celebrated
The Lord had given them the bird
The cost a swerve and one curse word
They all gathered round the table
Then thanked God that he was able
To fowl their feast with such a guest
Even if it was undressed
Then from the bird they heard a groan
Tim awoke, did not let on
For Tim himself didn’t understand
The long and tiny silver strand
That ran from him down to the plate
On which his carcass lay in state
And when as slices of himself were served
Tim’s spirit still was not unnerved
As silver strands were multiplied
As each consumer opened wide
And gobbled down a part of Tim
Became at heart somewhat like him
And licked their mouths from nose to chin
From soul and savor smiled and grinned
Tim’s astral body drifted way
To reincarnate on another day
Tim the turkey without guile
Tim-ID-ly transfigured into smile

Tim is the doppelgaenger of Jack Mothershed
In the true sense of the bird

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