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Gem In I-ambic Diameter


gemini with hum audio version, before clicking adjust your volume

He slid the glass door open,

stepped out onto the darkened deck
Down below
a hundred decibel surf
pounded the Pacific shore
trying to exchange vibrations
with the Atlantic
He could not see the surf
He could feel it and hear it

He turned his attention to the sky
knowing where his eyes would come to rest
knowing what w


ould be there
at one a m on oh one oh eight oh six
at one eight oh degrees south
at sixty degrees from midheaven

The Pacific went sile


Vibrations ceased
He heard only his constellation
his trapezoid
comprising four stars
wonderfully unsquare
such simple astounding asymmetry
such Janused dissimilar duality
such unbounded agility

such readiness
to be anything
just anything the cosmos needed

His reflection, his Gemini, his doppelgaenger, his twin

Some elsewhere in the universe
Some other perspective
Someone was standing
on a darken

ed deck
enthralled with the same four stars
as a perfect parallelogram
so perfectly equiangular
such simple astounding symmetry
such focussed unity
such rigid permanence
eternally its same self
Poor bastard!

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