Vocal version: 

when we walk out this morning
dew drops on the growing green
new and nude day still aborning
like none i have ever never seen

this darling day won’t last forever
it may not even last today
I say never ever say never
it could go the other way

best let’s not waste one more tomorrow
looks like this day we may not change
let’s just smell to hell the roses
that it’s too late to rearrange

here hold my hand and let’s just watch it
until it’s come and long has gone
long enough for me to have told you
i am SO glad you came along

should we be so blessed to see
the evening come around
and you once more lie down with me
count the stars that fall to ground

I will tell you that i love you
maybe you will tell me to
by all the stars that shine above you
darling i love you

when politicians have spent all our money
when the good book has no more to say
and greed just looks so FINALLY funny
we had you and me and the dog and today