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Serendipitydooda or WayCool Phone Thing

This is about fixing the problem of seeing images well enough on a phone or fixing images because you know users of your site will have trouble seeing them well.

Know too that I as many … probably – are tardy in realizing it might be a good idea when designing a site to essentially design two versions: 1) for mobile, 2) for bigger screens.

More tardily, maybe it might NOT be a good idea.

From all that, you may gather I  took the road more taken, the NOT fork. Not wanting to lay the serious knitting down to write a mobile version of a web site, I installed a popular app, WPtouch. Things got worse. Images became way too big for mobile screen because they were not being resized by the system software. Worse yet, all the images now had a dull orange patina. All images began looking like poorly retouched versions of ancient western movies.

So, I scurried into the bowels of WordPressHostdom to deactivate WPtouch. As my screen pointer approached the ‘deactivate’ button my other eye caught glimpse of the word ‘update’. Yup! Yip! Yay! Want to install the update? Yep!

Back on the mobile, I started looking at my site again. WOW! Horrible patina gone gone. Images much better especially with a little screen rotation. But the letters on my digital poetry event flyer still looked like a tiny tiny tiny ant revolution.

And here come the important watermelons, y’all!
When I two-finger-spread the image: no expansion.
I one-finger-pressed and held the image: voila: a dialogue box.
“Open the image?” asked dialogue.
“Yes, please and thank you.”
The image opened and allowed me to two-finger spread it!

And really, an entire post that though big is not too big to perhaps stop someone from embedding a hurled phone in a wall or a painting on it.

Whoopee! The two finger spread lives to bring vigor to another generation.

And, darn, think of all the peeps who will find when and where and who about the poetry event they are supposed to be hosting. Not to mention the phones which will avoid an early death.

*end of post*


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