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I was for the previous few minutes rereading previous posts on NINE ELEVENS. I encourage you to read them. Among other things reading them will encourage you to get the book. I am just discussing. I am not rodomontading.

One of the NINE ELEVENS posts would seem to suggest a sequel.
And that was a likely, welcome, thought. I had been thinking of sequesls before I got there. 

I have been thinking about sequels to FEARLESSNESS FOUND. As I came to the end of the novel, plots kept shooting pea shooter spit wads at me. Also and so, about the time I finished FEARLESSNESS FOUND I found Amitav Ghosh and found myself falling for his writing style, and the experiences he had that propelled him into developing that style.

Amitav says he is surprised that writers are not mobbing Mass Extinction Six with stories on climate change. As though we should be creating fiction like never before for we have a singular opportunity to describe our demise and enjoy reading about it simultaneously. I can only agree and nod my head cuz as Eugene Levy said in one of the Christopher Guest flicks, “I am already so way up in that.” 

And maybe Ghosh’s remarks as he says in THE GREAT DERANGEMENT,  have something to do with my seeing everyday more freedom in public, social, expression to actually talk about how will the people of the world fare as they slide down the bathospheric devolution even as they are losing their ability to breathe deeply enough to stave off the mental fatigue that not having enough air to breathe brings.

I somewhat imagine parallels to learning how to live with our own dying as the final step to utopia even as our number diminishes. And, well, today, quotes from Ghandi have been flitting through my brain. For example:

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

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