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The Far Toilet

This is the first post in a new category. The category is the title of the novel this post is for. A pause to see if the system is with me. Sometimes it goes on a long break when I need it to help me promulgate, put out, pubelish something new.

What is important when you come to this site is to use:

httpS in the site URL, not http.

Look for the padlock in the upper corner. It is put there by the S that follows http. It means don’t worry, this site is secure.

Hello, I am CanDo Jack. If you do not know me I want to change that with the next sentence. Please loiter here all you want. The site has quite a bit of useful information in a number of areas. What  may look like tiny seagull turds of the top of each page is probably the list of pages and interests on the site. They should make since. Except this: one of the page options is IM4U. That page should have an ample description of all the products in the digital store part of the site. It will be worth your time whether or not you intend to purchase anything. 

IM4U is translated as “I am for you”. I mean just that. My goal always is to make the world better. My way of doing that is to try to inform, teach, amuse and  entertain you.

Oh, the book! I know the title is a little unusual and is not clear as to meaning but the meaning will be clear when you get finished with the book. Then I think you will grok it, rock it laugh yourself – and mine – silly. The time is the year zero AD. The initial location is the Sea of Galilee in Israel. The main character is Yeshu. The first woman you will meet is Mary. She is a  Magdalene because she is from a little town named Magdala. I say ‘woman’ because she is legally a woman by virtue of her gender and age. And she has been batmitzvahed. She is thirteen. So is Yeshu.

Yeshu is a carpenter. Well, now he is a boat builder, a result of his having been a carpenter when he started building boats. His father was a carpenter. Somehow Yeshu just took to building boats. Yes, he is precocious. They are both precocious.

And we’re off. I am excited. This is going to be one hell of a book. I hope you will occasionally check in here. I will be telling you interesting things about the book and all things related and some not related. All of it will interest you if you are looking for meaning. You can comment on the posts. Many of the posts will be sent as well to my facebooger page. So, options. Nuff Now.




















































































































This post is the first post my novel THE FAR TOILET
TFT will be published on this site on June 13, 2021.
More in a few minutes I have to get this post stuck and I will be right back











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