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NO – Update

I said I would tell you when I find info on how old people can get Nitric Oxide – NO. Well the best I have  at this  point is a maybe. But, it is a maybe that has sustained me. This maybe has sustained me for 81 years.  At this point this maybe is what I have to go on but it is a good bet. I have a  pretty good recovery record.

When I was about 12 years of age, my older brother – 16, my totally blind father and I  were building a story on the side of our house. I remember watching my blind father on the roof building that roof. He swung that hammer better than a veteran carpenter with perfect accuracy. He apparently was able to a degree  to unsee danger. But danger was not far away.  Later the scaffold broke. The three of us slid to ground at full speed. I was first. My brother was second. My father was last.  No one was hurt. Looking back I am rather certain that the lower back pain  I have carried as long as I remember originated  in that scaffold fall. So certain am I that i when writing an autobiography entitled it  MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY: AS SEEN THROUGH THE POSSIBLE CAUSE  OF MY BAD BACK.

Five years after the scaffold incident I was traveling home from the pool hall to my home in Indianapolis.. My car was destroyed by  a train. I was in the car I had broken the steering wheel top and bottom with my chest. But I never felt it. Ever. I was looking at the world over my eyelid. The eyelid was lowered but unbowed by a piece of skin at either end.  The car was totally destroyed.  The train was unhurt.

When I became a professional and began making REAL money, I was able to support my yen for individual and non aligned sports. First skiing, then diving, then sailing, then flying: paragliders.  i fell out of the sky in my beloved Spain. Into bad rock. Two weeks later I was transferred from a hospital in Villa Joyosa to my home in Munich and Munich’s Gros Hadern Hospital: famous for putting sports injury people back to together. It took them three months and it took me two years.

Many years later, many accidents later, I am still kicking.  But,  this aging thing has me road blocked. I need my NO building capability. My best bet is what it always was according to all  the medical info I can obtain. That is DIET. That is EXERCISE.

One of my sources is Dr. Mercola whom the media has been trying to destroy recently. Dr. Mercola has a set of exercises he says will produce NO. This week I began following his set of exercises. My thinking and I suppose his thinking also is this. Although I have been  exercising and dieting pretty well most of my life I know my travel along these two vectors has not been optimal or streamlined sufficiently. So I am trying to be perfect and I think Dr. Mercola’s exercise plan is perfect for building NO and my diet supports that assessment.

I know I told you I would keep you updated. This post is the first installment on that promise.
If you want to look into Dr. Mercola’s exercise set search YouTube for Dr. Mercola and nitric oxide. Well, actually here is the link as well:

I will get back to you on my progress. If you follow Dr. Mercola’s advice on exercise then follow his advice on diet as well. Then you can report to me on YOUR progress.