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So, I told you that I thought I had found a solution to the question: “can old people generate NO?”
The quick answer is: YES!

The longer answer follows:

As I said my new hero is – surprisingly – not a woman, But, is indeed a hero.  The indefatigable Dr. Zach Bush. If you followed the link i left you may be way ahead of me. I found the Zach Bush four minute workout and I have been doing it. Faster and faster.  I merged a couple Mercola variants into my execution. And I have them up to the RPM count the Bush uses following Bush’s advice that speed and form are the mobetter parameters. Today is the first day I have done three sets of 10 rounds per set. I am confident the only thing that will throw me off  will be memory. I can already manage the Bush demonstrated time and flow.

Ideally, each of three sets will give me 2 hours of nitric oxide. This assumes old people can gen up Nitric Oxide as fast as young people assuming the familiarization is equitable. So – there! Tomorrow I will see if the saliva test strips register any NO. Last week they did not. They will not necessarily reflect in my saliva what they generate in the endothelium of the arteries. But if they do, then BINGO! EUREKA! and other Great Greek Grapples. OLD PEOPLE CAN GENERATE NITRIC OXIDE (NO).
So what? Well, if I can generate NO then I do not have to die of one of big pharma’s pet death diseases. I will still be able to pick my time and exit path. Or not!

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