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All about Carpe Genome

This post falls under the category CARPE GENOME. Latest news about the novel as the novel develops. Also find under this category the novel’s epilogue, how the novel is structured, a copy of the novel’s introduction, foreword. Check back as the novel develops for all news, views, truths, DOs. Don’ts, character and plot how, wow, here there, coming, going, whatever is abut the story but, not part of the story.

chatGPT is going to help me write this book. Here is an example of a profitable, time and effort wise, use of this most fragrant, smell wise, appeals of chatGPT.

Here comes the set up. I predict that anyone who deals with writing to any degree will find this useful at some point. Or some hundreds of points.

In the novel a lot of action occurs in urgent care centers, hospitals, doctor offices, etc. I need to know how urgent care centers run. So I ask chatGPT simply how are urgent care centers run and include business philosophies, rules of the business, example action e.g. I am currently using chatGPT-4. GPT responds to my “prompt” with a multi page description of what I ask for. I include that multipage GPT response in my novel BUT I edit it with  refinements and my experience. Then I high five chatGPT  dash 4 if I am still using that version. And WHAMMO – that incident, goes from fact to fiction. I am aided immensely by GPT’s contribution. That contribution may serve to be the basis of many incidents and kinds of incident that become and occur a focus for one or more scenes in the novel’s tale. So, refer to this candojack website for info on how the book is going, new tips using chatGPT, ideas on creating your own web entities or anything else germane to the book,  how it is written, or anything about  any other products in our inventory. Remember that you can comment on most posts and products wherever the comment sign pops up. Also you can always email me at the following email address:

As well feel free to digest and respond to any thing you see on this site.

Be well, jack

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