Hi, this is the ABOUT page for the CanDo Jack wordpress blog.

Note the space between CanDo and the Jack.

I am a writer. I author books that, because of the digital revolution and my personal revolution, appear in digital form.

More about that after I ensure this page points to some vitals.

My Twitter handle location is NineElevens. You can verify that by clicking on this site URL: Twitter.com/NineElevens and following me. I think it will be quite a journey because issues will come up about this book. I think they will be issues to a great extent will examine the issues discussed in the book.

Here is the link for the Nine Elevens website.

I have two books on Amazon’s Kindle now. I think they are great books because I wrote them to be great books.
Here are their links on Amazon.com:

Psycho Paths and Con Trails August, 2010. Nonfiction and supports the line, “truth is stranger than fiction.”

Nine Elevens

A lot of info like interviews, articles, forum and so on are going to determine and in fact become the content of the website who’s reason to exist is the novel.


And the direct link to my author page on Kindle:
CanDo Jack author page

Nine Elevens is the novel. CanDo Jack is the author. This site will be more about off the cuff stuff that comes to mind that is general. Of course, because my attention is primarily on marketing the novel now, some of that stuff coming off the cuff will be about the book.

Like extensions of this comment. Nine Elevens is the most important novel to be published in 2012. Sections of the book take place in various times and places and universes. And here they are.

The first section begins with 9/11/911 in this universe in the land of the Maya. Maya is a land important to astronomy and language development and a high level of cultural and scientific accomplishment.

Maya society was said to collapse in the ninth century. The evidence of this primarily is that the temple were not kept up. The people returned to the jungle. They stopped creating so many stele or glyph monuments to supposed heroic supermen rulers.

Maya still exists but since the coming of the conquistadors the Maya have been invaded by those who wish to turn their bountiful jungle into nice orderly rows of banana and rubbers trees and chocolate bushes and ship the produce off to places like the US in addition to making the Maya do all the work. You know, slaves on their own land.

But the Maya news this year is not their slavery and the robbery of their produce. No, the sensationalist dust whirls this year ostensibly because it was thought or said by many until a month ago that by calculating astronomical events for their ongoing calendar through 2012 that they were signaling this or that about time that comes after 2012.

So, in section one two bright Maya twins and a brilliant Phoenician sailor who rescues the twins from cannibals. Phoenix is the fist sailor of note to cross the Atlantic to the new world. He and the twins develop a school that sends missionaries of reason out into the world. Two of the reasonable missionaries, a young couple in love become the first people from Latin America before it became Latin, to cross the Atlantic from west to east and land in al Andalus, southern Spain of the tenth century. al Andadalus is a highly educated and productive society, with a wonderful harmony among its Jewish, Muslim, and Christians citizens.

In Section Two of Nine Elevens the conquistadors arrive in Maya and try to conquer it. They don’t find it easy going because TWO couples of lovers who come to be called the foresome foursome continually make the Spanish Conquistadores look like embeciles.

Section Three takes place during a time in North America when the Mormons settled in Utah which was still part of Mexico. As it happened the US was at war with Mexico and the post war agreement ultimately made Utah a US territory. The Mormons were so grateful that they went to war against the US and felt so strongly about it that they made one their ritual Mormon oaths say the Mormon would swear to do all they could to destroy the US. This oath continued until 1927 when it occurred to the Mormons that they might want to develop a different attitude because the US totally surrounded them.

During this section the narrative follows two lovers who are trying to warn a wealthy wagon train that if it continues along the normal path of wagon trains of those days that it would be attacked and destroyed in Utah.

Section Four of Nine Elevens begins in the US of 2012 and ends elsewhere in the universe, in fact it actually ends in another universe. Oh, yeah the two lovers this time are Mar-y-Sol and Moon.

So, Nine Elevens covers a lot of ground.

But, Nine Elevens is not what this blog is supposed to be about. I lost my head for a minute.

This blog is a touchstone by which CanDo Jack (Observe the space) tells you all about what he is doing, which at present is all about telling people about his novel, Nine Elevens, which is for sale in the Kindle section of Amazon.com.

Now, that reminds be that I began to tell you why I don’t do paper. Well, I almost don’t do paper. They say no job is finished until the paper work is done.

But, now I have gone on so much about Nine Elevens that this post has become quite lengthy. I think it is only fitting that I should make another post of that subject.

So follow this link. WHY DIGITAL?

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