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“Having his verses misunderstood, Touchstone jests in Shakespeare’s As You Like It, “strikes a man more dead than a great reckoning in a little room”. That’s what I wanted Room to be, a great reckoning in a little room. A story of childlike simplicity that would pose the big questions. An existential drama played out in the most confined and pedestrian of settings.”
–Emma Donoghue
Jacob Tremblay could probably compare his acting career to the life of his character, Jack, in ROOM. In ROOM Jacob’s character, Jack, is trapped inside a five year old human boy whose only knowledge of the world is the room he and his mom live in. He has never been outside it.
In WONDER Jacob the actor is trapped inside a grade school kid named Auggie and Auggie is trapped inside a scarfaced kid who on sight repulses everyone.
For a young actor the job of limiting his character’s world must be really difficult. … … It is OK with me if you want to pause here and think about that for a minute or a thousand. But, though my hat’s off to both women. That’s correct R.J.Palacio is Raquel Jaramilo Palacio wote WONDER. Emma Donoghue is the writer of ROOM.
Most of the time I don’t think about gender. I’m not too old to remember but I am old enough that small life shit like wiles on the way to the bedroom are a tad too juvenile for me to frolic in. But, the idea of a woman writing a book like WONDER is almost a sine qua non. Can you think of a male writer whom you would suspect of being the author of a novel like WONDER? #%^&!MeToo.
But enough about what I think or do not. The link below is to what author Emma Donoghue thinks.