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On the way to writing my one nonfiction book,
Psycho Paths and Con Trails
and two novels:
1) Nine Elevens,
2) Fearlessness Found
I invested several years and a life time in
1) one year studying mormonism,
2) one plus years studying Maya,
3) a year studying antisocial behavior
(narcissism, psychopathy),
4) one year studying paradigms and paradigm
shift in humans
5) one year studying al Andalus, and
6) one life time studying human beings.

What I did NOT KNOW while I was researching and
applying that research to writing those three
books was this:
I was creating with that trilogy a three step
program for humans to use to navigate Mass
Extinction 6, the most horrible demise to occur
in all six global extinctions.

Here is a mnemonic device to keep humanity’s
demise fixed in mind. The first extinction, The
Devonian, shared something with the current
demise: CAUSE: extinction of oxygen.

Humans know the cause of the first extinction
because humans know how to exercise intelligence
because paradoxically while humans were
destroying everything around us we learned how
to grow intelligence. Then humans got so
intelligent they destroyed – are destroying –
themselves with the same method nature used to
destroy 75% of all life in ME One.

Mnemonic device? Yes, Mass Extinction One began
375 million years ago. Think of 375 as ppm of
carbon in the air you breath. 375 ppm equals
almost 400ppm carbon and 400ppm is the danger
point established and we have exceeded it. So
you could think if it were 375ppm things would
be getting better, carbon wise. But, IT AIN’T.