Meta Fors be with you

I am both pleased and displeased that my objet d’lingua expressed here looks so much like my now famous creation: Metaphors be with you. Metaphors … came out when I first saw Star Wars in what ? 25 yrs ago? I came out of the original Star Wars movie musing on how “Metaphors be with you” sounds like “may the force be with you!” It has many values. One of which encourages my appreciation of metaphors and indeed all tropes.

This new expression, “Meta Fors” goes to the Latin via French to fetch an expression of “cut through the crap” power. Fors = ‘force’ directly. So my communiversity – newly coined word – has great creative power behind it. The gist is ‘Meta’ is a higher level of abstraction and employs the top down power. Hey that’s why levels of abstraction exist. So Meta Fors is like Dead Pool, after his cartooning break, dropping from the overpass to do business with the bad guys using MAXIMUM EFFORT.

BTW The window is beginning to close on my invitation to train you to operate on a professional scale as I educate you in all the subjects you need to ┬áhave the Meta Fors be with you. It is not every day such an offer is provided to anyone. In fact it has never happened to me. But when I finish evaluating those who respond to the most fantastic offer anybody can get unless it is being offered a kidney when you onloy have one left … when I finish evaluating responses the window will close.


Tailor The Ticket

Sometimes i have wondered whether choosing computers instead of psychology was a good choice. At the time I had dealt with people a great deal.

The more I dealt with people and their psychology the more I fretted.
One, the road I would want to take through psychology would have meant a long and arduous road to more of a clinical kind of psychology studying brains not the people who carried them around. Two, some things about computers were beginning to really enchant me. Binary numbers was one siren. Ones and zeroes. Day, night; male,female; heads and tails. Heads and tails and chances. I had many university credits. But, I was a long way from a degree.

I started thinking, savvy and credits in computer stuff without a degree could possibly be a hand I could play well. TRW had just put up the Voyager space craft with the full CD and msg, “come see us sometime.” TRW was big in aerospace then. Several of my neighbors worked there. I even sent TRW a resume saying, I have a lot of credits but no degree but if you let me shuffle a deck of playing cards and then scan through them for one minute, then I will be able to tell you any card’s placement in the deck. The 31st card will be Ace of Spades, etc. And I could do that. I did not have a lot of math but nobody could do arithmetic faster and more accurately than I could because I had studied the Trachtenberg System of Speed Math. I was gooooood at it. And, no, I never heard from TRW. Although, I had friends and neighbors there none of them were in Human Resources.

But, I came pretty close. Pretty soon I was in defense satellites. The company in Santa Monica which hired me had a a backup of the North American Air Defense Command system. A year later I had my placement and was still working on a UCLA EDP certificate. They did not even have a Computer Science degree yet.

I took a lot of university courses. Looking back I see that effectively, what I had done was forget degrees and titles and tailor my own navigation through the educational gauntlet.

That was avant garde. Now it is starting to catch fire a bit and I am still the guy with the match to light the fuse and carry it through its burn. innerprize is going to accomplish its mission. The mission is to get people the education to accomplish the careers they want. And then use them.

innerprize might be your ticket. Start tailoring

I felt like Thelma from THELMA AND LOUISE. When Thelma came running out of the desert convenience store with gun in one hand, money in the other, yelling, drive Louise drive they roared off down the highway. Thelma described her handling of the robbery. She said, “you know, Louise, I think I have a knack for this shit.”

When I think about how it all went down, education wise, I grin. I felt like Thelma. And yes, I felt like Louise, too.

Tailor The Ticket