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You know the end is near. Not when bad grammar is in the script for silly movies that educated people never see. Not when bad grammar is taught by teachers who know better but are surrendering from pressure from showboat movie makers to be “one of the gang”.

No the end is near when the logic of language is sacrificed for the surrender to cute.  Language and logical grammar took centuries, millenia, to achieve. One of the greatest achievements of all we are going to lose when climate change really becomes Mass Extinction 6 and NTHE – Near Term Human Extinction.

When the end is really very near you will hear people saying “I am better than him is better” and someone says, “no, you mean I am better than him”.

When the end is really and truly very very near, you will hear previously respected dictionaries like The Britannica Dictionary toot that the erroneous approach to grammar is correct but they never follow an explanation of that erroneous approach with any logic.

Poor baby, you thought logic was just for programmers and engineers,  didn’t you?

Errrrrrrrrr that place back there where I said the end is really really really near when dictionaries back the wrong player. EEeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr that is where we are now. Welcome to NTHE!

Don’t run away. You want to be popular, don’t you?  Well you have to develop cute ways to say, “you are really stupid. You are not correct because everybody is saying it wrong.” Try something like this. “I find that a good way to know whether my grammar is correct is to extend the obvious statement.  “I am better than him is” results in making the erroneous version look silly. So then: I am better than he is.”