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Bringing in my post from external site:

How we will mentally experience our demise. I am thinking about this because i am listening to Paul Beckwith on YouTube. He is talking about the Flyn Effect. My thinking at this point is what if when NTHE (Near Term Human Extinction) arrives it leaves a path behind it that shows a steady decline of human intelligence from 1970. I am thinking about a declining population of humans that arrives at the bottom with the last remaining humans being dumber than the cave man.
Shall we congratulate forBiDden and Obomber on inviting Monsanto and its glyphosate poison into their administration. Monsanto has virtual complete control of soy beans and corn and most grains in the US. Monsanto is hemorrhaging law suit payments to people who are sueing Monsanto. Most countries have outlawed GMOs but the US is stubbornly continuing putting more effort into killing its population (to increase pharmaceutical profits). The US is the only country that employs Monsanto to help it destroy us. WHAT IF GLYPHOSATE TURNS OUT TO BE THE CAUSE OF THE STEADY DROP OF INTELLIGENCE AND GLYPHOSATE IS FORBIDDEN IN OTHER COUNTRIES.
Hey let me lend you a HAND: Have A Nice Day!!!!
The Secret of Agriculture, Vilsack, is the same guy who ran that department for the 8 years of the Obama-Biden biumvirate. He came from Monsanto!
Biden Chooses Tom "Mr. Monsanto" Vilsack as Agriculture Secretary - Left Voice
Biden Chooses Tom “Mr. Monsanto” Vilsack as Agriculture Secretary – Left Voice
Paul Beckwith quotes the Flyn study which says the current demise rate in greater than 3 IQ point per year.
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I hope you grok the title of this post. But, fact is this. I do not know anyone who would get it completely. So let me step through it. And, I ask for your patience and attention here. This is a special post. It discusses the reason for existence of the audio album by the header name above.

CURSERY rhymes with nursery. Each of the songs on this album has at its base the melody from a nursery rhyme familiar to almost anyone who was once a child. But, too, cursery is used as an adjective to say each particular song’s lyrics deal with a certain thing being cursed.

For example MARY HAD A LITTLE CLOUD curses those evil elements of unnatural military activities that would steal Mary’s little white lambs, I mean clouds, and replace them with poisonous clouds.

So the goal is a series of songs each of which extends an FU to those forces whose efforts result in the chessboard skywriting of geoengineering which has come to be known as chemtrails. Whether hard evidence is at hand to prove all that people believe who are bothered by chemtrails shoud not deter those who are fence sitters or are firmly convinced that geoengineering is doing its best to cover up the perceived destruction of our natural weather systems with incredible technology that is smarter than its users.

I am saying anyone should be able to enjoy the album’s music, its play on associated nursery rhyme stories seeing the humor  in a governmental system which is believed by many to be a probable cause for the destruction of natural weather systems and thus perhaps the demise of sillyvisation. I, the creator of this album suggests that whether evidence exists to prove the national or international government’s culpability in crimes against humanity or not, still, external considerations are damning. Those considerations are these:
1. Highly suspect is geoengineering is treated in the UN’s IPCC as a someday maybe thing, while it real existence over the last 20 years is evident to anyone who looks up from almost anywhere in the world;
2. Evidence of death and sickness on Earth to flora and fauna (including humans) is obvious to anyone who has studied chemical samples of chemtrail residue in humans, other animals as well as trees and other plants that is identical to what is sprayed on the world;
3. Anything as vast as the geoengineering spraying on the entire world is a big business, a vast secret business similar to other big government businesses like drug wars and why does the public not have access to the profit and loss statements of such big business. Where are the check stubs?

So, no matter. Enjoy the sound. Enjoy the lyrical twist on nursery rhymes from your childhood and probably played a lot better and differently. Maybe you have kids who can enjoy CURSERY RHYMES with you. They might be even more educational than the noneducational patter of the original songs. They might help you to explain to your kids the world they live today.

For a complete discussion of each of the songs on the album click here