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I was for the previous few minutes rereading previous posts on NINE ELEVENS. I encourage you to read them. Among other things reading them will encourage you to get the book. I am just discussing. I am not rodomontading.

One of the NINE ELEVENS posts would seem to suggest a sequel.
And that was a likely, welcome, thought. I had been thinking of sequesls before I got there. 

I have been thinking about sequels to FEARLESSNESS FOUND. As I came to the end of the novel, plots kept shooting pea shooter spit wads at me. Also and so, about the time I finished FEARLESSNESS FOUND I found Amitav Ghosh and found myself falling for his writing style, and the experiences he had that propelled him into developing that style.

Amitav says he is surprised that writers are not mobbing Mass Extinction Six with stories on climate change. As though we should be creating fiction like never before for we have a singular opportunity to describe our demise and enjoy reading about it simultaneously. I can only agree and nod my head cuz as Eugene Levy said in one of the Christopher Guest flicks, “I am already so way up in that.” 

And maybe Ghosh’s remarks as he says in THE GREAT DERANGEMENT,  have something to do with my seeing everyday more freedom in public, social, expression to actually talk about how will the people of the world fare as they slide down the bathospheric devolution even as they are losing their ability to breathe deeply enough to stave off the mental fatigue that not having enough air to breathe brings.

I somewhat imagine parallels to learning how to live with our own dying as the final step to utopia even as our number diminishes. And, well, today, quotes from Ghandi have been flitting through my brain. For example:

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

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When you finish determing how long you can say “GOOOOAAAALLLLL!!! THEN SETTLE DOWN TO THIS.


People who look at reality and stuff differently think the vulcanizing rubber process was discovered either by Thomas Hancock in the UK around 1850 or by Chucky Goodyear in the US around 1850. But if that were so then NINE ELEVENS would not be such a great novel around the date 09/11/0911.

As much as I am normally convinced that fiction and reality are one and the same, I have never enjoyed the idea as much as I did when I was writing NINE ELEVENS. Especially this chapter. Why? Because real or fiction, the goal is to tell a story that is an anthology of allegories.

The twin princes are visiting systems manager Phoenix in an agricultural field.

Pacall is speaking:
“WE soooo agree! I wonder if two twins have ever optimized life so twin-somely.”

“And winsomely,” rhymed Exall.

“Thence comely,” chimed Pacall. “And inventively. How many centuries did the Maya city states, not to mention the Ass-techs, TRY TO bounce that solid, heavy, tiny futbol around with their hips before we came along and made it a thick skinned yet ballooned and light weight kickable sphere?”

“Yes,” said Exall. “The game was totally missing the miracle of footwork. We have made a science of footwork. Futbol players who use the Twin ball are able to make full use of their legs, indeed their entire body. And of course the martial art aspect. For an entire millenium and more futbol has been essentially warrior training. But, how militarily advantageous is it to have to wear that heavy waist belt in order to hip shot the ball, keeping in mind that the ball is symbolic of an enemy’s skull? With our long range kicks we have a real two-fer because we can drive the kick accurately and hard enough to nearly take an enemy player’s head, or skull, off with the rubber skull of our Twin ball.”

“Indeed, replied Pacall. “I can vaguely remember those days of trying to hipshot that heavy ball through that tiny goal ring more than fifteen feet up the wall. That a goal was seldom made, to me, diminished the excitement of a successful act. Not that you need a lot of them to inspire a player, but, hey, a point with some degree of frequency certainly improves the game.”

“Well, Pacall, the capability of managing the ball was half the package. The other half was your idea to make the goal a tethered basket at either end of the field. And the assignment of one player whose primary function is to defend the goal basket, deflecting the incoming shots. That added the defensive capability and that thinking was so transferable to warfare.”

As they talked they each were foot working a ball. And head working as well. They could stand and dribble a ball vertically into the sky for two or three feet with a skill that would shame a head porter with a three foot stack of fruit on the pate plate.

Occasionally they would head or kick interchange their balls with one another. And occasionally they would direct their balls directly at one another so as to reflect the ball back exactly to the exact place the ball came from. Over the years they had become quite good at this.

Pacall said, “Who would ever think that all we have done for futbol we did with the ulterior motive of improving our commercial capabilities? Even the flatball hats we, I mean Phoenix, developed so we can do head shots.”

“Yes, Exall, but had we never been blown off course and out across the cannibal sea we never would have shipwrecked on that strange little island. And had we never shipwrecked on that strange little island Phoenix never would have saved us from the cannibals. And had we never brought Phoenix back with us, we would never have given him the management of our rubber industry. And had we never put him in charge of rubber he never would have discovered all the things about rubber that have made him so valuable including maximal elasticity and ballooning. I guess it is safe to say ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ or ‘no guts no rewards’.”

“Speaking of which, I mean whom, Pacall, we are supposed to meet Phoenix in the nursery bogs.”

An hour later the Twins were approaching the bog that was used for testing plants, soil, animal reactions to plants, crop production projections. They whistled for Phoenix. A few seconds later they heard an identical whistle sound come back.

The bog contained rows of mounded soil which left a river of water between every pair of rows. The center row had a path of gravel down it for easy travel.

Phoenix was watching two of his helpers, one at either end of a long pole. They were six rows apart. Five rope lines were spaced along the pole each rope line over one of the five ditches of water. At the end of each rope line was a rubber boat about four feet long. The boats were pointed at each end and bent upward. Something like black bananas, plantains. With a helper at each end of the pole, a surprisingly large volume of beans or corn could be towed at harvest. Planting crops on the mounds kept the produce from getting soggy. The water between the rows made for easy produce transport. The water was forever. The planted areas got 160 inches of rain annually.

“Hello, my mythological twin hero friends. We’re testing a comparison of our boat method with the former basket harvest. I think we are going to get at least ten times the former harvest transport efficiency. As you can see and as we planned, the thin, light rubber boats are now ribbed with a heavier stronger rubber for stability, shape maintenance, and easy float.

“At the end of the field the boats get tied end to end and can be floated on to the waterway with intermediate loading unloading.

“This is not to mention the reduction in the number of snake bites since the produce picker is never wading in the water. When a bite occurs the injured can occupy a boat and be floated away to the make shift medic stations for post antidote care.

“And do not forget. These boats make great single occupant canoes.”

“Phoenix,” said Pacall. “I have no doubt you are the most creatively productive member of this city state’s fifty thousand people.”

“You are too kind, Pacall. Let me give these helpers some instructions. Go up to my shop. Donau will serve you some chocolate. Then I will join you.”

Within minutes the three of them were sharing a cool, delicious, invigorating chocolate drink.

“Phoenix, you never cease to amaze and to please,” said Exall.

“Because success and focus go together like the rubber tree and the morning glory vine, Exall,” said Phoenix. “Yes, the rubber harvest boats are original. I have buyers acquiring additional rubber. I have estimates on the number of boats our city state will use, the number our city state annex will use, and the number we expect to be sold or bartered at each market going down the coast.”

“Speaking of original,” said Pacall. “Do you have something else to show us when we finish our chocolate?”

“YES, I DO,” Phoenix said slowly and distinctly and with a very affirmative grin.

The three talked. The subject was the same as always. They talked about when they had first met. But as always “when they had met” opened a door to some question; some consideration; perhaps some reality that existed because they met that would not have existed otherwise; what some shared knowledge made possible, maybe a discovery that would enable a better understanding of the geography of their world; maybe they would kindle an idea about why Venus behaved differently than the other planets. But, always it began with when they had met.

When they had met they had narrowly escaped disaster. When they had met they had produced a unique, impossible coincidence. And an indestructable friendship. Just ‘cuz.

Phoenix had always been the challenger. If a mountain even looked like it needed someone to surmount its rugged aspects, Phoenix was immediately climbing up and over its final edge and standing tall, looking out over the surrounding terrain to confirm to himself that, yes, the panorama was worth the work. Of course his strong desire sometimes clouded adequate planning. But, just as often he so wanted to succeed in the challenge that his planning was much more than adequate.

He reasoned though that if one did not bear the scars of confronting the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune then the probability was high that not enough challenges had been made or had not been made with sufficient intensity.

Yes, he was sufficiently self absorbed to run into a brick wall because his concentration was distracted with a “well, how many other humans had done this?”

Like, how many other guys started out in central Europe in the tenth century and ranged through as many lands and languages as he had? How many had crossed the Atlantic Ocean and lived to tell? No matter that no one knew or had ever heard his primary language. When he got there. Or, if he should get back. And he knew no one else’s language well enough to teach a history, a world trade, or geography lesson about his travels. And he had no time, anyhow. A new interest, curiosity, or encounter would occur any moment and off he would go again.

He knew once one understood something of language there were tricks to understanding and to appearing to be able to express himself in the language he had heard. A lot of hearing was observing expression and gestures and a lot of speaking was using his hands, shoulders, facial expressions, and inflection. Watching for content, emotion, a tone that would indicate significance.

He had learned some things about language. He had learned, for example, that the value of a person could be determined by how they treated their language. If they treated their language or languages with respect and care, with considerate and skillful use, then their power to think and reason and enjoy the elements of life would be expanded immensely.

For Phoenix, a hackneyed word or phrase, a weak metaphor used but without fresh intention to the conversation at hand divided Phoenix’s world into those he wanted to be around and those he did not.

Phoenix had learned some things about systems as well. One of his greatest joys was analyzing how something worked or analyzing how he had handled a task or project. He watched these replays with an interest and devotion.

Phoenix observed that people had different approaches to their television experience. Television of course has a simple etymology. It could be parsed into two terms. Tele means far. Vision is the capacity to see. So television means to see far. Like stars and stuff. And that is what everyone had the pleasure of doing freely every night.

*** soon, more or less

“And now, Phoenix, will you show us your new new thing?” asked Pacall.

Phoenix pointed to a plant raft that was held vertical from a branch by a rope. “Watch the plant raft.”

As the Twins watched the plant raft, Phoenix moved back and away. He raised a slingshot and fired an obsidian disk which flew straight and true and thumped into the plant raft.

“If the plant raft were a battle enemy it would be seriously wounded now,” he said. Donau had arrived and was handing slingshots to the Twins. “This is what can be done with the latest rubber I’m making. The effective range is three times that of the blowguns. The bullets can deliver the deadly poison like the blowguns. I am still working on an optimal bullet. It is also effective and accurate to launch a line into a tree or across a river.”

Pacall said, “and it is far more refined and useful and accurate than a sling. I think your new new thing is a great great thing. Hey,”

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The title of this post as indicated above is also the title of a great documentary movie which should turn the heads around of most people who think they know European history.

To begin with black people ruled one of the greatest societies Europe has known. I said BLACK PEOPLE RULED ONE OF THE GREATEST SOCIETIES EUROPE HAS KNOWN.

Just as startling to most would be the fact that when Spain’s King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella on behalf of the Catholic religion burned all the books of the Arabic people they were burning all the books about themselves as well as the books about everybody else in the world. In both cases they burned books of science, philosophy, history. They burned everything. They sent Columbus to the new world to destroy anything anybody in the new world had written or created. Then they brought back the new world’s gold to smear on all the statues and what not in all the Catholic churches in the world.

Being at times quite interested in profit motive and such, I used to sit in the “Cathedral” in Segovia and think. One of the things I thought about was how I could possibly remove all the gold from that church and take it back to south america and help rebuild some of what the Spanish world had done to “latin” america, not to mention Utah. Wow! Could I come through with a torch and melt the gold off the statues? How many people would I have to bribe to turn their heads while I heisted, hefted and hauled ass?

If you have read my novel, NINE ELEVENS, or any the posts and promotional materials about it on this site, then you know that I talk much about al Andalus, the Andalusia that existed before the vicious Vassals of dark ages posing as Christian saviors of Europe invaded northern Spain with the intention of destroying southern Spain in the name of Christ and the Holy Roman Church – but mainly the church.

The truth about the books is that the more than seventy libraries in Andalusia established by the Islamic rulers is this. The Chinese print mills coming into existence were used to make those books. The first mill went to Baghdad. The second went to Cordoba the capitol of Andalusia.

Well, the people of al Andalus, Andalusia, more or less collected copies of all the books ever created in Europe. Then they translated them to Arabic. So, the knowledge of everything was essentially in Arabic libraries. They were created by the Islamic invaders, the Jews, and the original Christians of southern Spain.

But where did the black part of the Islamic people come from? The etymology of the word ‘moor’ means black.

So al Andalus had the vigor and courage of the black moors of north Africa, the math and science of the Arabic world, the embedded Christians, and the Jewish people who remind me of Minnesota because in Minnesota I saw that attitude of “you betcha, we can work with that.” And many of those jews in al Andalus were fantastic translators especially Sahrah, the mother of the novel’s voyager hero Phoenix. The Phoenician Jews, if you will, were the family that controlled the largest commercial shipping enterprise the world had known.

The more I learn about Spain the more I realize that most countries are several countries. In Germany are essentially the north and south and very different and glad of it. Spain is Galicia, Asturia, Pais Basco, Catalan, Murcia, Andalusia, Castillia and let us not forget the tiny little northern country of Andorra.

Perhaps this post will help make it clear how important it is that Alhambra stay important and still stands where once stood one of the greatest civilizations that ever existed.

Annnnnnd, well, how can I put this? Maybe …
Go stuff yourself, Columbus!

When Moors Ruled Europe


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First, understand that the novel NINE ELEVENS has nothing to do with the catastrophe of September 11, 2001. The novel’s title is a clue to how things work. Except for wrinkles in time, it is relatively normal to assume that the presence of sinister in life only exceeds by a smidgin the imagination of the monstrous holograph of whoever or whatever cooks life’s books.

The novel uses the sinister reality of date trails. The possibility of trails of the date 9/11 and its relation to catastrophic and meaningful events is the question I posed to the internet search engines simply because that possibility arose in my imagination.

As I dug into it I realized I was on to something. The trails began to materialize. One of the trails was of particular interest. Some of the dates in that trail appear in the book cover photo. For some of the dates it takes a moment for the importance of the date and its catastrophe to sink in.

For example, even Eduardo Galeano, author of Open Veins of Latin America (1971), was surprised when his book received an unexpected publicity boost in 2009 when Hugo Chávez, president of Venezuela, thrust a copy into the hands of the US president, Barack Obama, at a summit meeting in Trinidad. Obama read it. The date of 9/11/1973 is a date most people now easily recall as the date on which the legitimate government of Salvador Allende, socialist president of Chile, was overthrown and Allende died horribly. To the thousands who were “disappeared”, tortured, murdered, expelled from Chile that date was an important one.

“So, Anyway” as John Cleese entitled his memoir, the trail of dates was suddenly so provocative to me that every time I looked at one of the dates in the trail, another novel began to form in my head. A year later I was delightfully researching the story of al Andalus, having grown accustomed to delightful research studying the Maya people of Central America. As I say that my eyes come to rest on a book: Breaking the Maya Code by Michael D. Coe. I realize again what an incredible experience that was and how remarkable that a study of the Maya would lead me to make a couple of them the first to navigate to Europe from the Caribbean – with the aid of a 500 pound turtle who was headed that way “Anyway”. And wooden shoe know those two Maya lovers would discover, and become part of,  al Andalus, a society almost as advanced as their own.

Al Andalus was not fiction, friends. In al Andalus, the physical land of Andalusia, jews, arabs, and christians lived in harmony as they created the most extensive library the world had known. Cordoba received the second magnificent print mill exported by China. The first went to Baghdad. 70 libraries were sprinkled across southern Spain as al Andalus translated all the books of the world into arabic. Of course my fictional Maya heroes helped.

“So, Anyway,” what about any of that would provoke a sequel to my novel? Welllll!!! What would not!?!? Here is a clue. One of the things that has grown to interest me more is this. The Jewish people were almost exterminated. Most of them left Israel in the diaspora(?s) of the latter half of the first century CE before, during, and after having been nearly annihilated by the Romans. OK, I get that. But, how did they survive? THEY were the refugees of their time. Yet, they have not only survived. They have thrived. How? They have been scattered among the countries of the world. They maintained their integrity as a people. They developed the skills necessary to live among all kinds of societies and all kinds of people. OK, that is the simple answer. Yet, that answer just provokes more questions.

Some might suggest the first possibility is good government? Anyone really awake today in the USA, or Israel,  would be quick to reply to that suggestion with the suggestion that  governments do NOT resemble their people, especially in the USA and Israel. Others might suggest that the laughter generated by that suggestion would probably lead to laughter becoming the leading cause of death.

But, anyway, the question that provoked those suggestions was supposed to be the subject of this post. But, I have spent the equivalent of a couple of long posts just getting to the question.

So, the question becomes this. Can I answer the question adequately in another post this size or is it going to require a s-e-q-u-e-l????

Stay tuned!

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The Latter Day Saints of Maya Prophecy or Last Flight for Mercury

So, what about Maya prophecies whose time of fulfillment coincides with our date of 20/21 December of 2012? If asked, any hip Maya individual will smile knowingly and say, “those crazy gringos! What Maya prophecies?” Because no such related Maya prophecies really exist? Only conjecture? Granted, good money making conjecture? We will see!

And … without a knowledge of 21st century science when the ‘prophecies’ would have been made in the year, say, 700CE, what, minus exact scientific terms, would be the worst imaginable catastrophe a prophecy could fulfill that would occur in the week preceding the celebrating of the anniversary of the birth of Christ a la 2012?

So, two important questions: will the Maya prophecy, real or not, come true? and what is the worst possible disaster that could be foretold for 2012’s close out sale?

A short and pithy book will appear in a couple days on Kindle by CanDo Jack ( ). The title of the book is The Latter Day Saints of Maya Prophecy. And, hey, if you have One Click Kindle Delivery you can get it fast and read it in time to light out for Mars should fear take control.

I will tweet when the book goes up.

The book considers: one, the idea that such a prophecy exists has a very interesting source story. And, two, the fact that a prophecy does NOT exist has never prevented greedy “prophecy experts” from making a buck off it and three, the fact that a prophecy does not exist has never prevented terrorists from using it as a date to schedule an incredible catastrophe. And, four, such a catastrophe could be the most devastating catastrophe ever experienced by humanity. And the most novel, and the most feared for the last fifty years by threat knowledgeable US Defense experts. And is more threatening now than ever before.

More on that beginning with a little background.

More than a year ago, I began researching Maya history for a fact filled novel entitled Nine Elevens. The term ‘MayaN’, capital N for emphasis, is reserved as an adjective for the language of the Maya people who exist, by the way, primarily in Guatemala. They have been there for certainly three and probably five thousand years. They are the reason you can have bananas on your cereal.

Not to get lost in word misuse and Maya abuse but here is a quote from a review of a review of Mel Gibson’s “Apocalypto.” The review of the review is at

One is a Maya, two or more are Mayans?

Well, no. Here’s the convention used by Mesoamerican archaeologists. Always choose “Maya” unless referring to a language, in which case the word is “Mayan” (there are at least two dozen living Mayan languages.)

The people are Maya, not Mayans. Our reviewer writes of “a Mayan urban center.” Those in the know would say “a Maya urban center.” He speaks of “Mayan culture.” Nope. Say “Maya culture.”

That entire gotcha may seem to be more archeological language detail than is required. But, keep it in mind for the next week or so because that detailed knowledge may be handy for making some judgments about the credentials of Maya Prophecy ‘scholars.’

My novel, Nine Elevens, began with my discovery that the Mountain Meadows Massacre occurred on a 9/11 date, 1857 specifically. The location, specifically, was about thirty miles west of Cedar City, Utah. Personally, until that point the only thing famous to me about Cedar City, Utah was that in 1993 I arrived in Utah from my home near Munich with two goals: one, sharing Utah’s weightless white wonderful ski slopes with my wife; and, two, renting a plane in Cedar City to fly her around the entire Grand Canyon.

Years later my interest in the Cedar City area was resurrected with the story of The Mountain Meadows Massacre and a trail of 9/11s which took me eventually back to the land of the Maya on the date 9/11/911.

I was hooked. My brain, joined by my heart early on, spent the next three months with the Maya. I was with them in the first great civilization, then through the classic civilization and six hundred years later to meet the Spanish Conquistadors.

By then my Classic Maya twin brother heroes Pacall and Exall had created themselves and gotten ship wrecked on a small island in the Caribbean. The island’s chief cannibal was explaining to the tree bound twins how he would prepare them for supper. Writer’s responsibility to ensure the story continued demanded that the twins be rescued. But, by whom?

Fortunately, the writer’s background brain delivered, under threat of an inaugural case of writer’s block, the character, Phoenix, the first Phoenician Jew. At least the first Phoenician Jew, sailor, explorer, cosmopolitan, dilettante, inventor, scientist whom the writer had ever encountered. And the first to reach Maya.

And neither Maya nor the Caribbean were ever the same again. And the etymology of Caribbean, cannibal, was restored if for no other reason than to honor James Michener, whose 672 page novel, CARIBBEAN, introduced those cannibals to the readers of the world in 1989. That tome sits next to its German cognate cousin, KARIBBEAN. They stare at me from my bookshelf to ensure I give them proper recognition. They stand shoulder to shoulder with an older sister, Iberia, whose Michener knowledge base and influence provides some help on the al Andalus chapters of my NINE ELEVENS. Remind me sometime to tell you the tale of how I happened to have in hand a half read copy of IBERIA when I arrived in Spain from Denmark in 1980 to work with Iberia Airlines. And forgive my typing a final sentence to this paragraph as my heart takes a brief leap back to high school where I first read Michener’s Bridges at Toko Ri instead of reading Chemistry, the only course I ever failed. Even then Michener wrote long books.

BREAKING THE MAYA CODE by Michael D. Coe introduced me to the cast of characters who did the breaking. The documentary by the same name is primarily favored by David Coe. Linda Shele’s extensive contribution and her taking a teenaged vacationer in tow. That charmingly brilliant kid became Dr. David Stuart who wrote the amazing book, THE ORDER OF DAYS: THE MAYA WORLD AND THE TRUTH ABOUT 2012. David’s knowledge and his tenacity in getting and securing that knowledge thrilled me and rescued me from a multitude of gotchas about the ‘Maya prophecy’ with the same vigor and analytical thinking that allowed my hero, Phoenix, to rescue Pacall and Exall, two of my Maya heroes from NINE ELEVENS.

At this point you may see growing in the knowledge that I have categorized the world of Maya ‘researchers’ into those looking for the long story of the real Maya and the short story of those looking for what can be boxed and sold in 2012 in time to be ready for the first social sensation of 2013.

But let me let Dr. David Stuart say what I want to say about that better than I can. I choose to let him say that in the book that will appear as mentioned on Kindle in a very few days.

And let me leave the laying out of potential events to that book as well.

For now, let this article persuade you go back to the top of this page and click on SHOP to buy my NINE ELEVENS and read it for yourself.

The novel has several adventures I did not even mention here. Ever been to Big Sur? It will take you there. Ever played poker with people like Jesus and his Papa, the Big Deal? It will take you there. Ever run off the cliff with lemmings, it will take you there? Ever steal a Spanish galleon from the conquistadores? It will take you there.

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Nine Elevens was published on 7/4/12

A fitting date. True, you may think now that is a lie. And as you read the novel you may continue to think that. Even as the story fills your mind with thoughts you never thunk before. You may think that the fourth of July was not a fitting date for this story to go public.

I am betting as you get deeper in and deeper into the last chapter you will complete the process that began with starting the novel. The process: you will be overwhelmed with MAGNITUDE. You will be overwhelmed with reason. You will agree that the Fourth of July, 2012 was a fitting time for the arrival of Nine Elevens.

Meet the author, Meet the book, Hit the one click button and begin reading the most important book written and published in 2012.

Get ready to meet some interesting characters.

Such as:
Pacall and Exall – Double Bubble Maya prophecy, Hero twins who have battled the lords of down below – bottom level, and returned – smiling.

Phoenix – the only six foot five inch Phoenician Jew to have sailed the Atlantic Ocean, east to west. As of the year 911 anyway. Phoenix rescues Pacall and Exall from the cannibals who have them on tonight’s menu.

Chen and Xul – two Phoenix University graduates, brilliant and in love, anticipating a great career as Missionaries of Reason. They have a little sailboat, The Expedient. They are the first to sail across the Atlantic Ocean, west to east, in any kind of boat. Before 911 anyway.

Ulla and Ix – two more brilliant lovers of course, who sail across the Rocky Mountains on horseback because they love horses and one another and because they need to warn the wagon train that they are on the menu of the cannibals of Utah. The first complete wagon train barbeque. Of 9/11/1857, anyway.

Like the foresome foursome, the first two couple pirate band to kidnap a conquistador admiral annnnnnnd his command ship. Well, the first in 1511, anyway.

And the Moon over Big Sur to be attacked for having a dog. Well, the first full Moon, anyway. Of 2012, anyway!

And so on!

Nine Elevens Author Page

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