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grounddown  a ditty inspired by Margaret Atwood’s novel, HANDMAID’S TALE


keep on grinding up

don’t let the grind down grinders grind you down
don’t be ground down
don’t be ground round
keep on grinding up
keep on grinding up
keep on grinding up

margaret atwood wrote it down
for those ground down
in the handmaid’s tale
when the ground down frail
read the secret wall
said down ground don’t frown above all
no lite te bastardes carborumdorum

the first rung to riding a rail
when they call you frail
reply to the grind
upward bound in mind
writing’s on the wall don’t erase that call
no lite te bastardes carborumdorum

Singing Farewell to a Century – Soaring

1999 – A prolific time song wise. Why not? It was a helluva year! My backyard was the last clean diving spot on the south Florida coast. Revery made me dig out that year’s tunes. I pass them on to you pretty much as I recorded them. The mp3 of Soaring is here. Click on the title link. Listen here and/or download. Lyrics and more story below that.

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