Fearlessness Found is the final book in the trilogy I am beginning to call EpOCHellipse. Each of the three books can be taken on its. Each can carry its weight. Each can also be a step in a procedure. Each can be a stepping stone on your path to full maturity. It is comic that as the world swirls down a bathospheric high speed drain to oblivion simultaneously those who are prepared, planning, and training to be strong and effective can be on a thermal rise to a special utopia. You would not think it is possible. But it is and it will be. This book is your third token to being all you never thought you could be. With an almighty power born of vanquishing fear.

I will put the book up on the last day of April, 2018. You can actually buy the book now and download it along with the beautiful cover you see above. But you will only get the first half the book. But on 040118 you can have it all. BUT HERE IS WHAT I WOULD LIKE YOU TO DO. I would like for you to buy and become imbued with the first two steps by buying PSYCHO PATHS and Contrails   as well as Nine Elevens. Then you will be ready for the third step when Fearlessness Found is reallllly published on May 1.

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