HAL FASSED: A Year at a Housing Compassion (Authority)

In this rather short novel Jack is living in senior housing complex El Castillo. Many of the seniors in El Castillo are classified as Section 8s. What is a Section 8? Jack is, in the beginning, not sure. Jack suspects that Section 8 could be a code name for a type of mental disorder. His suspicions grow as he encounters a number of retarded people. He seeks clarification from his good friend, Special Ed. But distractions distract. Distractions in the form of murders.  The search is not for the murderer or murderers but, for the cause of the murders and how that is related to El Castillo being a residence of seniors.

Mind you, the media of Hal Fassed, is a digital text file.  The advantages and useful features of the text file medium is that its features can be modified.  Text size, font,  color, etc. can be change by the owner. For more on this see the post on the site entitled HOW TO READ MY BOOKS. The owner can break the text into chapters for pod cast  audio segments to be read to the owner in audio.