Here is how to get around on this site, navigate, find what you are looking for.


Pages and Posts Everything is one or the other.

Each page is a distinct territory of its own.  For example the profile page contains all the information about me, CanDo Jack.You can see it in the row of titles at the bottom of the site’s cover foto. So you can click on any of the page titles and go there. That cover page foto is at the top of every page. So you can always get back to where you were.

Posts are articles, essays, presentations, even slide shows. Each post belongs to a Category. If you want to see all the possible categories of posts. Look at the right sidebar, the narrow strip of information on the right hand side of any area of the site. Click on a particular category to see all the existing posts. Each post will follow the other. What if the post is real long? No problem. Only the first few paragraphs of a post appear. To see all of a post click on CONTINUE READING which appear at the bottom of the first few paragraphs.

That’s it. If you have problems get to the bottom of any post or page and click on comments. I check these comments every day. I will respond to you within 24 hours.