Here is how to get around on this site, navigate, find what you are looking for.


Pages and Posts Everything is one or the other. Almost everything I publish will be published here. No matter the language, the genre, the medium, the message. The system that powers the store is called Easy Digital Downloads. Several pages make up EDD. One IS on the list strung out across the home page  header. That ONE is SHOP. The Shop page is where you can find and order any of our products. The IM4U (I Am For You)  also lists all of my products and also points to individual pages each of which carries an ample description of the products.  Sufficient to make unnecessary the inclusion in that place of a link to the exact product. Sometimes I think the IM4U page should just be a book of all I have done which makes me think of another products category, autobiography. So IM4U page does point to a page about autobiography. In particular mine. Eventually that page will list seven different books each taking a different approach to my autobiography. Why so many? The answer is in the title of the first autobiography version: MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY AS SEEN THROUGH THE POSSIBLE CAUSES OF MY BAD BACK. Oops, I just thought of the title of another of the versions: KICKING THE BUCKET AROUND.

The relationship of pages to one another is rather obvious but, let me put it this way. Posts come in categories: poetry for example, or fiction, or come to think of it will follow at least the categories of the products (which are called downloads) e.g. fiction, nonfiction, poetry, self improvement, music. It follows that the subjects found in the products I offer are going to be subjects of blog posts.

The microworld of posts comprises primarily my blog world and worthy and worthier others who have something to evoke. The posts are categoried. Apt search tags will find them. Please do see that some materials get archived and can be found using pointers to their approximate ate of publication.

Pages are more static. Like a building whose parts are dysfunction each page has a job to do.  Yet, each page is a distinct territory of its own.  For example the profile page contains all the information about me, CanDo Jack.You can see it in the row of titles at the bottom of the site’s cover foto. So you can click on any of the page titles and go there. That cover page foto is at the top of every page. So you can always get back to where you were.

Posts are articles, essays, presentations, even slide shows. Each post belongs to a Category. If you want to see all the possible categories of posts. Look at the right sidebar, the narrow strip of information on the right hand side of any area of the site. Click on a particular category to see all the existing posts. Each post will follow the other. What if the post is real long? No problem. Only the first few paragraphs of a post appear. To see all of a post click on CONTINUE READING which appear at the bottom of the first few paragraphs.

Click this link to get to ABOUT BUYING, a page that explains what we sell, how each product is configured, formatted, designed.

Two things we will not have to tell you where to find are these:
One, We do not charge taxes. We do calculate  and distribute taxes. We manage all that out of the price you pay.
Two, We do not ship. We ask you to fetch. Almost everything we sell resolves to a simple digital download. Yes, sounds and pictures, moving or not, are digital. So, you simply download the product when you buy it. Instructions about how to unpack, set up, store, install, etc. are in the ample product description should that be required.

That’s it. If you have problems get to the bottom of any post or page and click on comments. I check these comments every day. I will respond to you within 24 hours.