This site uses PayPal. So you can pay for purchases from your PayPal account, or use most credit or debit cards via the PayPal gateway.  Know this: our site is super secure because it does not process purchase payments. PayPal does that. They have never let us down.
  • SSL Nevertheless this site  does have the little padlock that indicates it  is utmost secure, even before you go to the money handler who is PayPal. Do not be afraid of PayPal. I have been with them since this century began.
    Most of our products are digital. We use the PDF method to contain our documents. We do all that is possible to expose no more than necessary of the product to the purchaser. So, generally one of our books in PDF cannot be printed or copied. It legally cannot be captured from a screen; by cameras for example. A business has grown up around the PDF container method. Simply put people try to hijack our products, copy our products and sell them before or after gutting them for content. We do not shy away from any method identifying such criminals and exacting all retribution possible. See farther down on this page for an important statement on this matter.
    When you complete your purchase we are notified. We ask the customer to download the product within the first hour after purchasing. We do our best to keep things simple and secure. Our customer service ensures your transactions with us are simple and secure. Download your product and mind where you put it and how. We will work with you on the downloads but I need to know you are not pulling for resale or give away.
  • In cases of other than digital delivery, we ship digital and non-digital products as simply and efficiently and rapidly as possible.
    If for some reason you find you like some of our products get them here. In very few cases do I sell my stuff on other venues. Because I like to sell them here.
  • If you have problem with a download let me know immediately by email to CanDoJack@candojack.com.