I am old. I am young. I have been here. I have been there. I awaken most mornings like the chief of the Human Being tribe in the excellent book and movie LITTLE BIG MAN. I awaken thinking it is a good day to die. I awake thinking it is a good day to live.

So, if you steal from me I am not going to be extraordinarily perturbed.  But if I catch you then I will be extraordinarily overjoyed. Do not buy my stuff and slap your name on part of it or all of it and try to sell it.

I do not authorize copying my stuff in anyway for YOUR profit. Occasionally I will allow that but I don’t allow you to do that any more than I allow myself to do that. I AM interested in your profit. I create products that I know will improve your quantity and quality of life. But no where in all that I create do I approve of profit by theft. In fact my life goals are 180 degrees in the other direction.

We do not make our products real easy to steal. We choose the host and software supplier here because they take privacy seriously and they take crime seriously and they do well at protect their customers. I try to extend that attitude to you. So thievery is unheard of in digital products. UNTIL PSEUDO CUSTOMER CRIMINALS FUNNEL OUR HARD CRAFTED WORK TO OTHERS.

The product side of our store is well protected and secured with the appropriate SSL. That is what the little padlock in the URL at the top of the page means. PAYPAL handles the money side of things and they have done well for me for almost twenty years.

Thank you for being my customer and site visitor and blogger/reader. And thanks for being understanding about any antitheft measures we take.  Whether it is PDF passwords, encrytion, zipped files, we still have a pretty efficient store and operational procedures that are for you AND me.