‘By and By’ you will find many blogs and links on this site especially, concerning the subject of geoengineering, AKA SRM (Solar Radiation Management), chemtrails. Here is a basic rule of thumb regarding government behavior (any government). If governments refuse to address or respond to an issue that is discussed constantly in the general public then that government is doing something deleterious to the well being of its constituency.

Professor Keith and the UN’s IPCC (InterGovernmental Panel on Climate Change) whenever they discuss geoengineering always intimate that they are thinking of using geoengineering to prevent the sun from reaching the Earth.

Reality is they have been saying forever that they are thinking about it.
Reality is they have been ACTUALLY DOING IT forever. I do not think any place exists on this Earth where the skies are not disfigured by the spraying of trails across the sky. These trails spread and usually turn the skies to a milky white.

Thousands of people around the world are convinced that the material they are spraying is poisonous at best and irradiating and carcinogenic at worst. Many people around the world are convinced that the epidemic increase in autism, parkinsons, alzheimers, general dementia and many other illnesses are due to the spraying that almost anyone in the world can look up and see on almost any day.

On behalf of those displeased with the spraying and governments refusal to say anything about it, I began this album which directs attention to the subject.

I think the last five years, especially, have shown that:
one, the greed epidemic has revealed more corruption in politics and government than we older premillenials ever dreamed possible and,
two, not only do some conspiracy theories and fearies reveal conspiracies and fears but that we can now see clearly that most conspiracies are revealed because a conspiracy theory prompted curious interest followed by investigation.

I thought I made it all interesting by using standard nursery rhymes that most English speakers learned as children. Some say we should not put the burden of the fear of planes spraying poison on little children. Yet, we are careful to stress to our children not to talk to strangers, beware of other poisons, and thus children are not so naive as we once were before we realized that buying and selling children and making sex slaves of them is really big business throughout the world.

The title CursOry Rhymes initially occurred to me because the word cursory fit so well. I liked cursery as well though because these old, some very old, melodies with meaningful lyrics that fit today, are indeed shouting curses at a world gone mad enough to poison itself sufficiently to include itself in this Mass Extinction Six that we are now deep into and which we will probably not see the end of. Not now, not ever!

So, checkout these intro chunks to some music that fights back at those who have no compunction about killing themselves nor the rest of us.

This geoengineering thing along with all the other technical innovations gone awry is going to come to the fore as soon as the misanthrump diminishes screen time. More songs will occur. If you buy this album now, we will provided additional songs to purchasers, gratis, as those songs come along.

Enjoy! Here are the teasers:

  1. BaaBaa Spray Plane
  2. Here We Go ’round the World and Us
  3. Mary Had a little Cloud
  4. Winkle Winkle Wittle Star
  5. What if we All Had Alzheimers
  6. Hey, Widdle Piddle

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