How to live with integrity and die with joy – in both cases empowered by fearlessness”

A mother and daughter engineering team create the ultimate paragliders, fly them better than anyone in the world, and accomplish the ultimate beneficial mission at the behest of an alien presence representing all life in the universe dedicated to the prevention of human presence spreading.

On a mission as ostensibly insane as the ancient Maya sending missionaries of reason throughout Earth the brilliant Jack family, creators of the ultimate powerless flying machine are not in ancient Maya glory. They are vital to a graceful collapse of sillyvization.

You should feel tired after that paragraph. Every member of the MoM Team is fatigued with the realization of the immensity and necessity of the project they have undertaken.

Canning Jack and her mother Rachel comprise another kind of team as well. They are like one of those mother daughter commercials that advertisers know will pluck on the heart strings of mothers and daughters.

Like her mother, Canning is a physicist and engineer. Love of the sky has driven them to fulfill the prophecy of Leonardo da Vinci. “Once you have flown you will always look to the sky for there you have been and there you long to return.”


NINE ELEVENS is a novel. It is a sequel to a non fiction book: PSYCHO PATHS and CON TRAILS. The nine 11s of September track from the year 2001 back through 1973, 1943, 1941, 1857, 1826, and so on back to 9/11/0911 when the second world’s greatest Maya civilization began its disintegration. From there a series of scenarios come out the plug in that disintegration. AN ASIDE. Geologically, a plug is an engorgement of a volcanic penis like upthrust of lava. On the central cali coast are a string of these extinct volcanoes.

Nine Elevens is full of epochs. As is FEARLESSNESS FOUND. The word I coined today is more especial to FEARLESSNESS FOUND, though. I think the coinage is particular appropo. Viewed from afar, this novel is a picture of our demise even as we see humanity rise to the cumbre of its edification with full knowledge that Mother Nature bats last. The mission of our heroes is to make the epoch ellipse  fit my coinage.

The first book of the trilogy, Psycho Paths and Con Trails, instills and installs a realization that each human is a mass of paradigms in need of severe paradigm therapy and continual paradigmectomy or vice versa. A paradigm removal or paradigm shifting  process to be complete would vie with a process to remove all bacteria and microbes from the human body in terms of level of effort required. But it must be done. No point in trying to move on to the second level of Utopia, REASON, until we shift enough paradigms to realize that discovery of ourselves and serious Spring cleaning will increase our ability to reason and reason is necessary to move on to the third segment of the trilogy, the accomplishment of the ultimate personal power facilitated by the FEARLESSNESS FOUND.  And then, ding, Utopia. Who’d a thunk the human heroes would rise in coruscating brilliance as sillivization spirals downward in a bathospheric demise.


The book cover photograph is more simple than the fly’s eye cover photo for PP&CT. It is a view of a paraglider moving off shore and in its canopy arc we can see another paraglider crossing our path sailing along the shore.

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