Is it not obvious that the name of this page is more than a name? Is it not obvious that the name of the page is more than the name of a hero of a novel that the name sits atop? Why do we not just let it sit there without our messing with it. If it wants to make more of itself than that then OK, it has a few thousand words to do it in. In fact, personally I am going to let it sit there for the rest of its life or for the rest of my life, whichever comes first. I am not really sure how it got there to start with or why. I do intend it to pop up now and then in you head and mine. And sometimes perhaps even pop up sprightly.  I think it will tend to do that simply because the story tends to seem to want to get serious about a subject and then suddenly in a twist of a paragraph jump start you find the subject has changed. I hope your experience in reading it finds among all the changes in your reading  begin to align with all the changes in the author’s writing it. It did for me when I read it but then WTF I wrote it. Was it all for the purpose of preventing your settling into  your best kick back position in your driver’s seat whether that driver’s seat is in your vehicle, your reading chair or laid back in the grass with a juicy weed in your mouth to chew on.

I think that iffy feeling, if I manage it properly, is the feeling each person who lives in a senior housing facility by virtue of a section eight voucher comes to live with by and by. With or without the murders.  As the bouncing from subject to subject settles into a pattern I trust each subject will complete itself  sufficiently to tie itself into a little bow knot. If you have read my other novels and found they accomplished almost habitually what I just described, then we are in cahoots. If you find I am more likely in this tale than the others to let my grammar squirrel out onto a limb and safely get back to the trunk before the red tailed hawk plucks it into oblivion then I hope one of the things that accomplishes is the real realization of where I was when I wrote this novel.