Love Lettuce

Why call a poetry DVD “Love Lettuce”?
Wellll, of course I am still hooked on
alliteration especially the double ‘L’. It
is so musical. Difficulty lies in trying
to stop. I thought of entitling the work
‘Love Lettuce – Letting Liquid Loquat
Laminate Leak Like Lust (Lust as in the
German sense of the word).
Was that paragraph sufficient to set the
mood? Let us take a goosy gander at the
individual leaks.

  1. Macrame Macro Me sees the heart as a
    macrame. Cupid is somewhere on the
    perimeter, bow drawn and errrrr cocked.
  2. Reincarnation of a Pantheist is about
    two stars encountering winkly eons after
    they comprised a burned out love as humans
    … maybe!
  3. Trailer Glow sees a trashy end of a
    trailer park domicile before and after an
    angel turns it into a guehwein ski hut.
  4. Can Love Sustain analyzes a
    personified portrait of the character of
    love. Caveat emptor : This poem requires
    an awareness degree.
  5. Freeze Frame apprehends the plume of
    the nom and freezes it mid feather held
    there by the question ‘loves me? loves me
  6. No Gnocchi is just a homonym filled
    Italian dish which dish just will not
    exist because he has had no gnocchi since
    she has been gone. It is a song usually
    done in the voice of a man hopelessly not
    surfeited until the surf contains some
  7. Picturing You is presented by an
    excosmopolitan attending to the mending of
    reminiscences of Spain aided by a bottle
    of Rioja wine.
  8. Inner State Commerce captures romance
    as a commercial enterprise at least as far
    as the nature of the delivery vehicles is
  9. Last Month’s Calendar is a gloomy,
    eventless, nonstory, nonaffair,
    nonsenseless nonsense.
  10. This Month’s Calendar illustrates how
    differently two months can be when one is
    without love and the other is with.
  11. Mobius Strip demonstrates an
    operational necessity viewed from two
    different perspectives. Let’s say one
    perspective is that of a Scorpio and the
    other is that of a Gemini. Uhhhh JIC you
    do not know what a mobius strip is do an
    internet look up before getting into some
    possibly red tape.
  12. Burgled views one’s lover as a Cat
    Burgler. I like to think that the
    participants are fond of old flicks and in
    her case he is Cary Grant and the flick is
    “To Catch a Thief”.
  13. Terra Firma sees the object of
    affection as the total realization of a
    global project as seen by a persistent

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