Love Lettuce

Why call a poetry DVD “Love Lettuce”?
Wellll, of course I am still hooked on
alliteration especially the double ‘L’. It
is so musical. Difficulty lies in trying
to stop. I thought of entitling the work
‘Love Lettuce – Letting Liquid Loquat
Laminate Leak Like Lust (Lust as in the
German sense of the word).

Was that paragraph sufficient to set the
mood? Let us take a goosy gander at the
individual leaks.

1 – Macrame Macro Me sees the heart as a
macrame. Cupid is somewhere on the
perimeter, bow drawn and errrrr cocked.

2 – Reincarnation of a Pantheist is about
two stars encountering winkly eons after
they comprised a burned out love as humans
… maybe!

3 – Trailer Glow sees a trashy end of a
trailer park domicile before and after an
angel turns it into a guehwein ski hut.

4 – Can Love Sustain analyzes a
personified portrait of the character of
love. Caveat emptor : This poem requires
an awareness degree.

5 – Freeze Frame apprehends the plume of
the nom and freezes it mid feather held
there by the question ‘loves me? loves me

6 – No Gnocchi is just a homonym filled
Italian dish which dish just will not
exist because he has had no gnocchi since
she has been gone. It is a song usually
done in the voice of a man hopelessly not
surfeited until the surf contains some

7 – Picturing You is presented by an
excosmopolitan attending to the mending of
reminiscences of Spain aided by a bottle
of Rioja wine.

8 – Inner State Commerce captures romance
as a commercial enterprise at least as far
as the nature of the delivery vehicles is

9 – Last Month’s Calendar is a gloomy,
eventless, nonstory, nonaffair,
nonsenseless nonsense.

10 – This Month’s Calendar illustrates how
differently two months can be when one is
without love and the other is with.

11 – Mobius Strip demonstrates an
operational necessity viewed from two
different perspectives. Let’s say one
perspective is that of a Scorpio and the
other is that of a Gemini. Uhhhh JIC you
do not know what a mobius strip is do an
internet look up before getting into some
possibly red tape.

12 – Burgled views one’s lover as a Cat
Burgler. I like to think that the
participants are fond of old flicks and in
her case he is Cary Grant and the flick is
“To Catch a Thief”.

13 – Terra Firma sees the object of
affection as the total realization of a
global project as seen by a persistent