In 2010, jack wrote what he calls the most important nonfiction book of the opening decade of the 21st century. The title is PSYCHO PATHS and CON TRAILS. The book describes life as two groups of people:

  1.  a class populated with psychopaths whose mission is to profit from the other class in any way possible
  2. a class populated by average humans trying to live life with a – normally unexamined – list of conditioned paradigms on their backs. Freedom, the book declares, is attained by shifting detrimentally functioning paradigms into functionally improved ones.

Jack says the book PP&CT is more applicable today than it was in 2010. As of today, January 4,  2018, who can argue.

Before I get into a description of the book let me insert the method by which you can obtain the book.

Consider the featured image for this page.

I see now that if I did not reveal the following, it might be extremely difficult to figure out what the image is all about. The background of the little marionettes is the eye of a fly.

The fly has poor eye sight. Compared to  a human (20/20 vision) a fly has only 20/1200 vision. It does have the benefit though of having around 4,000 lenses or ommatidia per eye. Each ommatidium or “lens” performs independently so is like an eye in its own right. The fly  4,000 views of  the world around it. 
With your two eyes you see the fly alight on your bacon. You swish the air close enough to scare the fly away. The fly had two or three seconds  to salivate 140,000 bacteria on your bacon. Its physical structure allows it to take off in any direction. Once the threat is detected the fly is gone in a tenth of a second.

Despite years of trying, no researcher has ever been able to teach flies anything – fish learn, ants learn, snails learn, cockroaches learn, even worms learn … but flies? Never! Somewhat like that the psychopath does not learn, does not need to know what’s shaking just in which way it’s shaking. He can put it together from there. And, yes, somewhat like the fly, the psychopath somewhat vomits on your food before he eats it. And yeah, somewhat like the fly, the psychopath is carrying thousands of bacteria. And he shares.

A mature human is carrying thousands of  mental bacteria called paradigms. The human is programmed to live in obedience to all the paradigms taught it by its parents, friends, culture, school, TV, etc. Some paradigms are good. Some are bad. Like bacteria.

‘SELF IMPROVEMENT’ is shifting paradigms. You cannot kill a paradigm. You can gradually supplant it with a better one. All you have to do to improve yourself to the maximum is shift a few thousand paradigms. Humans are nothing if not courageous. Once they know they act.

While the human is trying to shift all those paradigms another very inimical entity is trying to keep the human so busy dodging bullets it can never succeed. It is a tougher job than preventing the psychopath, I mean the fly, from barfing a few hundred thousand bacteria, I mean paradigms, on the bacon you are shoveling down your gullet.

That is what PSYCHO PATHS and CON TRAILS is all about.

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