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When Everybody Is Homeless

I wrote a song the other day. It is entitled
“When everybody is homeless”

(i will put up the musical version in a few days)

Goes lyrically a bit like this — rewrite coming of course.

When everybody’s homeless
the ghosts will host soirees
those ghosts will be cell phoneless
sending invitations on the breeze
and all the ghoulish ghosts will come
and never spill a drop of wine
and never drop a spill of crumb
nor need no finery to pay their fine
go naked as a marble statue
without a fig leaf on its rock
and they’ll play butler “is zat chew?”
and no one will not go in schock
at carcases of canines on the avenue
The ghosts won’t need no dope
wired up to the northern lights
and ghosts don’t bleed or hope
no need to fret bout civil rights
and neither will the homeless fret
who are not ghosts quite yet

Hunger is colorless every one’s an alien
a younger one or other gets eaten now and then
you can catch a codger and cook it all night long
watch the bullies roger gays and make them sing queer songs

When everybody’s homeless won’t it be just swell
Everyone will be so equal except the rich so high
from ramparts looking down to hell
Where everybody’s homeless in the sweet old by and by