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What do you mean I can’t vote????

Do you really think I have I have stood by your side as we have studied conditions and humans who have caused them, humans who have endured them and prevailed against them just to hear you say I can’t vote??? 47% of the people who will vote do not have my IQ, not to mention cultural awareness, sensitivity to the human condition, vision to imagine a society born of a sufficient compassion to make authority unnecessary. And you know I am talking about the 47% who are GOPPIES and not the 47% percent whom Mr. Numbers imagines pejoratively. You know well if this psycopath is elected not even you will be allowed to vote next time unless you are in the inner circle of MOReMONey or have a chip in your head. Forget that inane Bushit the Lesser, or McInane who was amont the bottom ten of a graduating class of more than 800. You know when the polls say the race is close. Doesn’t that tell you  that the next election will be under a mormon theocracy if Mr. Numbers is elected. Just tell me one thing. How is  it that Michelle Bachmann can vote and I cannot?? Get  real, Jack!
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Koch ing the Flame

The news this past week has been about the Koch Brothers. Probably the richest sibling duo around, says the news. Why news about a couple rich guys? Do they own the tea party? Or the tea?

The important thing, as I have been discussing with my Libertarian friends, is the definition of freedom. Does freedom mean that the free rich can buy political parties. Apparently. Does freedom mean that the free rich can afford to condition the minds of the citizens with tools whose power we cannot even imagine? Apparently.

So, why are all the poor and ignorant people supporting the politicians and political parties that spout logical fallacies and are tools manipulated by the BIC (Bunch In Control) when the dupes only ensure their own degradation?

Psycho Paths and Con Trails explains high IQ psychopaths would not be caught dead in prison. High IQ Ps rule. Cunning, conning, manipulative, fearless, optimal – don’t waste time on emotions: empathy, compassion, love, etc.

Dr. R. Hare’s opus: Without Conscience explains 1% of Canada is psychopathic. Estimates are 5% in the US PP&CT says HiIQ Ps comprise the BIC. BIC buys dupes. BIC controls your paradigms.

How many destructive paradigms can the average person name that define their personality? Most cannot even list their habits. Paradigms are somewhere between theorem and habit.

The BIC determines almost every social, cultural input the average person has. Entertainment, communications, culture, religion, politics, sociological environment, environment.

The paradigm addict in the paradigm ocean is a fish already hooked and a tool of the masters who have conditioned them and continue to.

If you read nothing else in the 200 pages of Psycho Paths and Con Trails, read the chapter on corporations.

Search Google on Psycho Paths and Con Trails.