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Prophet and Lose Statements

Whenever you hear someone tell that one’s story, that one’s story is the only real truth. In Psycho Paths and Con Trails I introduce the reader to Uncle Junior, the uncrowned (who needs that kind of corona?) King of Pragmatism.

“What does it do?” That is what Uncle Junior always wanted to know. Get that piece of info and go from there.

That is what I want to know. The nutty bugs are coming out the molding. Profit and Loss has become Prophet and Lose. I am working lately in the library. Why not? I have everything I need in my Avenues America biz bag. It has been through 25 countries. Probably 25 times. A pocket for every thing. An entire office ‘twixt 2 leather handles.

Lately my office is the library. Why not? Nice people. I get up to go to the pissoir. I say hello to this handsome old man. Yes, thank you, I know I am old. But he is a nonagenarian. I, OTOH, am STILL a SEXEGENARIAN. I saw your jaw drop. Don’t worry kid. You will know what both words mean and be able to discern the difference by and by.

Before I know it he has explained the entire Old Testament and three or four books of stuff from I do not know where. Like the papists had the French put the Statue of Liberty in the harbor because the Statue of Liberty is the Holy Mother and with the Mother came a message, a prophecy that came true in 2001. And the Koine Greeks rewrote the Pentateuch – Torah, Tawrat, Bible (Gen. Exo. Lev. Num. Deut.) when they conquered the world and they did not stop with the koine version of the Pentateuch.

Oh, they ruined Moses’s Big Five. I did not get a chance, Uncle Junior, to ask, “What does it do?. How can you tell? What does it all mean?”

The prophet was on a roll. At last, I hoped. He was explaining how it is all Obama’s fault or his father’s because Obama is a Kenyan, therefore a Muslim. I did not even get to ask, “Well, do you want a high IQ Kenyan Muslim for President or do you want a sub-median IQ New Englander pretending to be a Texan? Do you want a high IQ Kenyan for President or do you want a blond haired full of bull pucky sub-median IQ Arizonan who graduated from Anapolis with only 7 or 8 people out of 800 with a lower score than his?”

As the prophet rolled on I remembered those three painful days in the hospital last year with the medicals trying to save my foot. The pain wasn’t coming from the foot but, from the next bed. The next bed contained this same prophet except back then he was explaining to the nurses, doctors, janitors, and me how that he was a multimillionaire medical doctor and he was keeping them straight. Not to worry while he was around.

Who the HELL, literally, let these people loose on this land is your land this land is my land? Sarah Palin started a sandstorm when she started babbling.

Now, all these sub-median IQ nut jobs have the Democrats, even the ones I thought were above the moron level, spouting 1st amendment out of one tine of their tongue and “a mosque at ground zero is unseemly” out of the other tine. FORK U.

That ignorant portion of the population who is asking for the murder of the intention to build a mosque does not get the joke, which is on them. They cannot conceive that the mosque maker look alikes may not have driven the planes into the twin towers. The culpability digit seems to point to robots pinpointing the planes into the security floor of the tower as Indira Singh pointed out. And how could anyone say that 9/11 was only an inside job and a Wolfy Witz nightmare when at least six nations had access to the Ptech software? So, maybe a collusion involving the scribes and pharisees, the moabites, annnnnnddddd Romans who asked for the destruction of the of the property next to which the church builders want to build a church.

I was about to ask the prophet whether The Holy Mother, Our Lady of the Harbor, who must have seen the whole thing had let the cat out of the bag, as it were, but his towers were not twin at the moment. His tower was the tower of Babel and he was explaining something about the miraculous dexterity with which old Moses had carved Psalm 90 into the wall of the giant pizza oven in his dream this morning.

But, I scooted on off to the Pissoir before he defined and divined the typology.

Sometimes I feel soooooo gauche when I try to explain simply “what it does,” Uncle Junior. The reality of run amoc paradigm addicts unaware they are hanging from the marionet danglers and the digital masters above are in total control of the Psycho Paths and Con Trails. That is pretty tame compared to The Holy Mother, Our Lady of the Harbor.

And sometimes I feel like a bit of a copy cat cereal killer standing amongst all the nut jobs shouting a stentorian “I HAVE THE TRUTH AND THE SOLUTION TO YOUR PROBLEMS.”

I had hoped to be saving the election and thus saving the world with the verity of the book. I did know this would turn into the year the nut jobs turned the country into one giant insane asylum. And the year the Holy Mother, Our Lady of the Harbor, changed her name to Fatimah.