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All posts under this category, CARPE GENOME,  are leading up to a book which will be entitled the same name as this category. That book will contain segments on, to a great extent, anomalies, misleading, and outright lies related to the medical, pharmaceutical, and well being industries. Content garnered from a life time but especially in the last decade.

Here is an example. The supplement you buy in the store labelled vitamin E is not a real vitamin E depending on two  letters of the alphabet. Read the label carefully! If it says it contains tecopherOls then it is vitamin E. If it says tecopherYls it is a synthetic.

THIS POST is a continuation of the previous post on the chemical gas called Nitric Oxide. Not NITROUS oxide. Totally different thing. Nitric oxide, as near as I can tell is a savior of millions of lives. It can prevent Atheroschlerosis which is a slow and horrible way to die. I was so pleased when, a few years ago to come to understand some things about vitamin K. K2, specifically. I learned that the body creates K2  out of K1. But not enough. Furthermore, three forms of K2 exist: M2, M4, M7. You need to know that the K2 you are buying as a supplement is the correct one. Hopefully it has all three forms. Why is K2 important? K2’s job, primarily, is to distribute calcium. It needs to know who needs K2? The blood? Or the bones? Or both? And how much? The absence of K2 in your intake or the faulty distribution pretty much guarantees your future. You are likely to have Atheroschlerosis, otherwise known as hardening of the arteries. Fortunately you are unlikely to have to experience that. Why? Because you eat meat and cheese. Oh but you are vegan? Then you do not eat meat and cheese. Then you are likely without K2.Without K2 then you are almost guaranteed a future with Athero. Is that a definition of irony or what?

So, that’s nothing. There is more! Now I find that no matter what. I cannot resolve my question. Remember that almost nothing exists in human physiology that does not involve NO – Nitric Oxide! Once that is understood the logical thing to do is to ensure you have NO. If you have plenty of NO you will not grow old. Why worry? The human body will produce all the NO you need if you just have the diet that provide the building material to make NO. Annnd the exercise energy from good diet (plant based) to shake those building materials up. Then we find that the body starts slowing down production of NO at 40 and continues the slowing down until it does not make any more. Guess what. I am now twice 40, I am 81 years old and I do not make NO any more and apparently I cannot rejuvenate my body to make more NO, no matter what I eat and no matter how much exercise I employ to motivate my body to make it.  That is not all. Without it (and to close the circle) without NO my endothelium will create ATHEROSCHLEROSIS and lead me to an early death. (I was planning to reach 101 years of age with no great effort. Is that the end of the story.  Is my fate sealed. I reckon it is. BUT I AM GOING TO RESEARCH THIS 50 ARTICLES I  PULLED OFF THE NET (PUB-MED) AND SEE IF i CAN FIND ANY WIGGLE ROOM. i’LL GET BACK TO YOU.