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Nine Elevens was published on 7/4/12

A fitting date. True, you may think now that is a lie. And as you read the novel you may continue to think that. Even as the story fills your mind with thoughts you never thunk before. You may think that the fourth of July was not a fitting date for this story to go public.

I am betting as you get deeper in and deeper into the last chapter you will complete the process that began with starting the novel. The process: you will be overwhelmed with MAGNITUDE. You will be overwhelmed with reason. You will agree that the Fourth of July, 2012 was a fitting time for the arrival of Nine Elevens.

Meet the author, Meet the book, Hit the one click button and begin reading the most important book written and published in 2012.

Get ready to meet some interesting characters.

Such as:
Pacall and Exall – Double Bubble Maya prophecy, Hero twins who have battled the lords of down below – bottom level, and returned – smiling.

Phoenix – the only six foot five inch Phoenician Jew to have sailed the Atlantic Ocean, east to west. As of the year 911 anyway. Phoenix rescues Pacall and Exall from the cannibals who have them on tonight’s menu.

Chen and Xul – two Phoenix University graduates, brilliant and in love, anticipating a great career as Missionaries of Reason. They have a little sailboat, The Expedient. They are the first to sail across the Atlantic Ocean, west to east, in any kind of boat. Before 911 anyway.

Ulla and Ix – two more brilliant lovers of course, who sail across the Rocky Mountains on horseback because they love horses and one another and because they need to warn the wagon train that they are on the menu of the cannibals of Utah. The first complete wagon train barbeque. Of 9/11/1857, anyway.

Like the foresome foursome, the first two couple pirate band to kidnap a conquistador admiral annnnnnnd his command ship. Well, the first in 1511, anyway.

And the Moon over Big Sur to be attacked for having a dog. Well, the first full Moon, anyway. Of 2012, anyway!

And so on!

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