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Diane Ackerman knows more unusual life forms than most of us know people. She is an analyst of really stranger things. She has a tremendous respect for life. But, if life and death are a coin then they have to be the same size. She captures that ability to cut and run with agility and alacrity. A “just do it” acceptance and adventure of digging in and letting go. This link however will take you to her reading of four of her poems. The one we are interested in here is WE DIE. Diane Ackerman WE DIE

Her TED talks will lead you to her books. Someone sent me a FaceBooger share that advises, “Use the last week of the year to determine what no longer feeds your soul and let it go.” I like that. It captures the thrill of the cut and run mood and its depeche mode if you will. I replied. “And of course you recall our admonishment to use the previous week to devise and utilize exercises that inculcate a natural “let it go” protocol so when you are ready to decide you are ready to let go. Because you have done your ‘let go’ training.”

Diane Ackerman has done a lot of valuable work. But, extending the thinking of the phrase “but given something like death, what does it matter if one looks foolish” the only reason it WOULD matter is that we are fed a tremendous volume of social engineering caca that tells us death is not the end and robs us of the
1) joy of anticipation of nothingness by converting it to a “bad” word,
2) abolishment of worry over relationships when relations are broken by the void,
3) the joy of living our lives freely and unencumbered by factors related to the cessation of life, and
4) the joyful option of termination at the moment we wish. When the fear of stuff related to death is removed we are gods and we are all powerful and do and accomplish things we would never try with the fear monkey on our backs. Does anyone know anyone who practices that freedom birthing process and meditates along those lines? No, of course not. We have been conditioned, engineered to find that line of thinking absurd in a country where >90% of the humans believe in god. This whole discussion is the most important in life and provides the answer to the question, “forgetting the 90 percent, let’s fret about the 100% suffering from the greed epidemic.

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[It is true. The ‘thane’ in the word methane just happens to do with death. Soooooo, one COULD say that ‘methane’ means ‘my death’ or ‘I’m dead’.]

Devolution of oxygen production and the blossoming of megamethane will leave us gasping for oxygen and finding too little to make life viable. Errrrrrr – not in 2050 but more like before 2030.

The oceans are dying rapidly. What’s the word for really, really, rapidly? We are dealing already with greater than 400ppm of carbon in the air. Remember when we thought 350 was the upper limit. Seems an eternity ago when environmentalist Bill McKibben started

Then we find that animal livestock produce enough methane to push any carbon threat over the tilt point.

Then we find that govcorp’s destruction of the polar sea ice enables the surfacing of previously frozen methane which will further limit the amount of oxygen our air can contain. Imagine the permafrost in Russia and Canada. Those two permafrost freezers are protecting enough permafrost to have long been the freezer for deadly methane

No one knows, few can estimate, the volume of methane being exposed to the air. We only know that as polar regions thaw the volume increases.

AT THIS POINT I MENTION A FACTOR THAT GETS NO ATTENTION. Almost every dwelling in the world’s temperate zone and above is heated by natural gas.

Natural gas is composed mostly of methane. Methane is a fossil fuel many times more powerful than carbon dioxide.

Today, natural gas is delivered to more than 175 million American consumers through a 1.3 million mile network of underground pipe. A total of 285,000 producing natural gas wells, 125 natural gas pipeline companies, and more than 1,200 gas distribution companies provide gas service in all 50 states. As seas rise much quicker than experts can estimate, those gas lines go underwater and shutting them off will be more difficult. As tsunamis and earth quakes get stronger capping all wells could be an impossible task. So, we can expect, can’t we, a growing methane problem from three directions: 1) livestock, 2) thawing tundra, 3) “natural” gas wells.

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