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Hal Fassed

Hal Fassed is a novel. Hal Fassed is not a typo. I could probably write a sequel to the novel in the time I would need to explain fully how I arrived at the need to entitle the book what looks like an error or a joke. I hope with that intro statement you can appreciate my changing the cover foto from the bark of a tree to the foto below. Just in case you ever want an  ISBN: 978-1-893359-03-1

My Goal was to finish the book and have it for sale on this web site ( by my birthday. I think I can make it. I still have an hour to go. Anyway the writing is done. So most of this day I have enjoyed that giddy feeling a writer gets when the book is done, the battle’s won, and half the writer is whistling the old song, OH THEY CAN’T TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME and the other half of the writer is offering a free gallon of gas if you will just buy the book with that one click pick.

A couple caveats: if you are attracted to books advertised as page turners instead of buying this book why don’t you just go unfurk yourself. Same deal if the books you buy must be a specific length. To ball park you this book is little more than 100 pages. I dare you to find another  100 page book that has more information and chuckles than this one.  Errrrr same deal if the book you are thinking of has better murder scenes.

Finally, kinda, (hey I still have work to do on this little tome) the hero of the book is not name Hal Fassed or Half Assed. Almost finally I am old. If you think buying a brilliantly written novel from an octogenarian is an act of charity go unfurk yourself again. The earlier effort did not take.

In case I do not get this think onto the shopping pages of this site by the time you find your wallet, don’t forget to try again tomorrow. I do not eat much but i am determined to ear ‘regly’ as they used to say ” back home”.

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The Far Toilet: I expected to finish it by my birthday of 2021. I failed. A lot has happened since then. I want to tell you about it. I would want to tell you about it anyway. But having blathered about what a wonderful novel it would be, and it will be, I feel a little tight lipped and loose fingered. But, what happened to Jesus after his barmitzva is small potatoes next to a hilarious tale of dealing with people of power and greed an author has to ask himself or herself – in my case a definite him because very few hers get a prostate biopsy – would not a hilarious tale about the availability of housing and homelessness in a pandemic world might be more fitting and apt.

The Far Toilet is scheduled to publish in Easter of ’22. Never mind the date. By that time either the pandemic, economic collapse, functional collapse or the events of Half ASHed will have been realized and I’ll be back in Spain celebrating a best seller, perhaps mine. That depends on me and perhaps you. Anyway, let’s trust you and I can leave Jesus to find his own way back home, hell he has twenty years and you and I will have laughed ourselves to death reading Half ASHed! The category for this post, will as you might expect, will be Half ASHed.


Be well, Be a well, Everyman Jack aka CanDo Jack