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I was for the previous few minutes rereading previous posts on NINE ELEVENS. I encourage you to read them. Among other things reading them will encourage you to get the book. I am just discussing. I am not rodomontading.

One of the NINE ELEVENS posts would seem to suggest a sequel.
And that was a likely, welcome, thought. I had been thinking of sequesls before I got there. 

I have been thinking about sequels to FEARLESSNESS FOUND. As I came to the end of the novel, plots kept shooting pea shooter spit wads at me. Also and so, about the time I finished FEARLESSNESS FOUND I found Amitav Ghosh and found myself falling for his writing style, and the experiences he had that propelled him into developing that style.

Amitav says he is surprised that writers are not mobbing Mass Extinction Six with stories on climate change. As though we should be creating fiction like never before for we have a singular opportunity to describe our demise and enjoy reading about it simultaneously. I can only agree and nod my head cuz as Eugene Levy said in one of the Christopher Guest flicks, “I am already so way up in that.” 

And maybe Ghosh’s remarks as he says in THE GREAT DERANGEMENT,  have something to do with my seeing everyday more freedom in public, social, expression to actually talk about how will the people of the world fare as they slide down the bathospheric devolution even as they are losing their ability to breathe deeply enough to stave off the mental fatigue that not having enough air to breathe brings.

I somewhat imagine parallels to learning how to live with our own dying as the final step to utopia even as our number diminishes. And, well, today, quotes from Ghandi have been flitting through my brain. For example:

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

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I write books (and other digital products). I create sound and music albums and software products. They all  carry a boilerplate such as the one that will appear below. They identify the products. They describe the products and the authors. They contain use instructions and use information. They briefly explain information relative to intellectual property. They explain what copyright has to do with what you can do with a product you buy from me and they explain what you cannot do.

The boilerplate info adheres to the standard book publishing format and content guidelines. Any product you buy from will contain pretty much this same boilerplate

In addition and before that standard boilerplate info I need to tell you about the product container(s) and some choices you have about how to use the product.

You will think I am crazy but the file extension that distinguishes the format of the text in the product is .txt – that is correct. It is a simple text file. You are thinking, “how does he prevent theft, particularly in the copying and highjacking of entire books?” The answer is that several security features are incorporated in each book that allow me to find the criminals and bring them to justice.

No, I do not have any special designated software to use to read the books with. I have the following suggestions. I write using Open Office. It is an open source software and has dedicated people who have developed and maintain it. The same group, Source Forge, has a marvelous little reader program called Cool Reader which runs on mobile, laptop, and tablet. It will read aloud to you. Automatic scroll can be set so you can read an entire book without touching any controls. It also source (free) software.

Here is sample  Front Matter from the novel FEARLESSNESS FOUND.





CanDo Jack


COPYRIGHT © 2019 by CanDo Jack
All rights reserved. This book or any portion
thereof may not be reproduced or used
in any manner whatsoever except as follows:
1. You receive this book as a simple text file.
Your initial thought is that it is a simple text file because I am too lazy, or unskilled in technical know how or simply want to make the book easy to steal, abuse, copy, reproduce, or otherwise treat it criminally or unkindly. No, we have taken other measures equal or greater than equal to the most secure PDF file, security wise as explained elsewhere.
2. The MEDIUM of the book is a simple text file because I wrote this book with you, the reader, in mind. Not that I wanted to make it difficult to read but to make it far easier to read. For example you can use any software tool you want to read this book. In that way you can read the book on YOUR tablet, or YOUR PC, or YOUR laptop, or YOUR phone, or YOUR TV screen. I wanted and I want you to be able to read with a combination of the following features that make reading fiction most suitable for you:
background color, text color, text size, text bold or light, scrolling set to YOUR reading speed.
A lengthy examination of this subject can be found on the site where YOU bought the book, well, or where someone who loves you bought the book. Also, I suggest several reader tools.
Find a post called: HOW TO READ MY BOOKS
3. You may not copy this book. You may move it as necessary to store or read it. Decide where you want to read it. Put it there. Leave it there. You know the difference between ‘appropriate’ and ‘inappropriate’.
4. I trust you appreciate my thinking enough of you and thinking of you enough to extend the ostensibly wide opening for you to violate legal and moral protocol trusting you will not. Nevertheless, let me be honest. I never trusted the word trust much.
1. The book has something like “water mark” identifiers that distinguish each copy sold.
2. I have written software that works 24/7 to search for copies of the book searching for those identifiers and matching them to the identifiers related to the “sales slip”.
3. It ain’t perfect but it will slow the train.


ISBN-13: 978-1-893359-02-4


The table of contents is a list of chapter headings. If your reading tool is a simple but supposedly
“apt to all possibilities” reader then you could click on chapter headings to go to selected chapters. But you could not do that because the book is a text file. Not to worry. Ensure your reader tool has a FIND option. Before you click on the ‘find’ option, highlight the chapter heading including the two asterisks and the word ‘Chapter’. Then click on the find option to go to the desired and selected chapter.

Observe you can also use the find option to locate any other word or word sequence(s) in the book.

**Chapter 1 – Cayucos
**Chapter 2 – Rachel Did It Her Way
**Chapter 3 – Monte Baldo
**Chapter 4 – Val Gardena(Groedner Tal)
**Chapter 5 – Joseph the Ultimate Pilot Exam
**Chapter 6 – Helmut and Flip
**Chapter 7 – MoM Day
**Chapter 8 – The Whole Truth and …
**Chapter 9 – Doppel Dick Dom
**Chapter 10 – Englischer Gardens
**Chapter 11 – Unterberghorn
**Chapter 12 – The Aero Dynamic Duo
**Chapter 13 – Sweep (First Person Voice)
**Chapter 14 – Conventional Solutions
**Chapter 15 – Not the Problem
**Chapter 16 – Reality and Realities
**Chapter 17 – Heavy Metal Flying Carpet
**Chapter 18 – Canning (Return to Third Person)



A mother and daughter inventor team and foremost world paraglider pilots find the absence of fear ONE: to be dependent on the realization that the probability of after life is near zero and TWO: death to be a right of passage to Nothingness. But these realizations commandeer them and their team for a mission of the greatest importance related to Fearlessness and Nothingness.


I have convinced myself to deviate from the norm here. This IS the prologue section of the front matter of this novel. I am a deviate relative to norms primarily because most norms need deviation. My deviation is that this prologue, yes, is a prologue but, in a way, it is also not a prologue. A lot of material about this book is found on my web site and that should provide as much prologue as a novel needs. Most novels do not include a prologue. This one does and the previous sentence was essentially it.

But maybe you don’t want to go back to the web site where you had to have bought the book because the book is only sold through the web site. And in case you don’t I really need to tell you that this novel is only part of the whole picture.

This novel is the final vertex of a trilogy triangle.
The purpose of the trilogy is lay down a plan of self improvement that excels and exceeds. I think it excels over other self improvement approaches because it has another reason for being: literature. The trilogy comprises the nonfiction book PSYCHO PATHS AND CON TRAILS and the novel NINE ELEVENS (nothing to do with the event you are now thinking of except that the date has a trail. A trail of exceptionally notable events). I have taken the liberty of having the novel begin on 09/11/0911 the fictional beginning of that nonfictional trail. The third vertex of the triangle is this novel FEARLESSNESS FOUND. So the three angles are (in corresponding order to the three books I mentioned above:
1. DISCOVERY. (Raze the building site of the new you.) You discover yourself and make way for rebuilding yourself by clearing the building site. Quite a process. Ruminate, ruminate, ruminate. Find and mull over all the useless and destructive paradigms you are burdened with and shift them into constructive paradigms or discard them.
2. REASON. You will need to start the reasoning before you finish discovery obviously. In NINE ELEVENS two young explorers find their way from the advanced civilization of Maya back to Europe, specifically the other advanced civilization in the world: al Andalus. Al Andaluz is Andalusia. It is Moorish Spain. There the original Andalusian Christians, the original Andalusian jews and the Arab invaders and conquerors, three peoples live in perfect harmony. Our two young explorer missionaries have a mission of preaching the gospel … of REASON.
3. FEARLESSNESS is found by discarding the useless mask of hope and seeing the POWER IN the NOW life of betting no fear is necessary to apply to worrying about after life.

Regardless of what I want to be a valuable and enjoyable reading experience for you the trilogy aspect of things is something I want for you. We are in the middle of MASS EXTINCTION SIX. Things are going to get nasty. So many reasons exist for so many scientists, philosophers, futurists, and others of many ilks to agree that humanity is in the demise zone. After what should be way more than enough time puzzling over it all I am convinced that for many humans the remainder of sillyvization’s existence can be a time of Utopia, humans reaching the zenith of existence, being more than all they can be in a time of incredible peril. So maybe in addition to enjoying what I think is an incredible tale I want to be of assistance too in honing the blade of your scimitar for the onus is onyou.