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Safe Sax

saxophonejones  Click there for the audio mp3 file. Adjust sound before clicking.

Yes, I know I should be finishing that book on Maya ‘prophecy’ with surmises as to its direst possible content and ramifications. But, the tenor sax got in the way. So, I took it for a walk. When we arrived at the boulevard bus stop, the sax was tired of walking and wanted to sit where the boulevard sound drowns out the blow job. Today the sax and I agreed on a medium of Clapton blues from the Chronicles album. I got to toss in my favorite Bob Seger tune, In Your Time, in exchange for the sax’s choice of Sultans of Swing from Dire Straits.

Then we picked up the mail from PO and walked on back thinking about a novel born of the thoughts that run through the heads of people leaving the PO who are wondering why the old man and sax choose that bus stop bench to perform. And then some neighbor says, “you must play us a song sometime.” And I think, “Yeah, that’s just what my neighbors need, me blowing their pacemakers off frequency with 150 decibels of vintage Mark Knopfler guitar as blown through a single shot tenor sax barrel.”

Then I put on Take Five and listening to Brubeck’s piano, Desmond’s alto, and Joe Morello’s drums I reverently revered the time Tobola said, “What if we got some Poly Space, a jazz band like SLO Mambo to play behind Ray Clark Dickson reading his stuff, you know his birthday is coming up? We could sell raffle tickets, The winner could ride to the gig in the limo that picks up Dickson. It could be an art council fund raiser to beat all arts council fund raisers.”

And Kate of Stuhlberg fame said yeah and everybody said yeah including Dickson and SLO Mambo. And I held out for an OK to play alto sax from the back of the room while Dickson did a jazz poem from the front.

I came out of my revery feeling good about my bank reserves. Not the financial bank, but those stored in The Bank of Reminiscences.

And that is how blog articles get written. On this keyboard, at least.

The media memories of that fund raiser are stored away. So I will put this online with an mp3 copy of my own sax poem with some simple back up from my that same tenor sax that enchanted the POed boulevardiers a little while ago.

And then I am definitely going to finish that book that no one will buy. Well, pluck’em if they can’t stand a poke.